The Shady Side Of The Cast Of Yellowstone

Hugh Dillon, who plays Sheriff Donnie Haskell in “Yellowstone,” is better known as the lead vocalist in Canadian punk outfit Headstones. And it turns out that he led quite the rock and roll lifestyle long before making it big.

In fact, as he revealed to Express in 2023, Dillon was banished from his Ontario hometown of Kingstown for five years by his own mother because of his reckless behavior: “At one point I was living in England because I had to leave the country because I was involved in drugs and guns and it was 1981 and I moved to Brixton. My parents said, ‘Where do you want to go?’ and I always loved music and culture, loved the Pistols and The Clash and said, ‘I don’t know, London.'”

If Dillon’s parents thought that life on the other side of the Atlantic would get their son on the straight and narrow, then they were sorely mistaken. The multi-talent proved to be just as troublesome, even ending up in court after getting arrested. Still, this lifestyle at least inspired him to co-create crime drama “Mayor of Kingstown” with Taylor Sheridan: “For me, I was always driven to this [life] of drugs and crime and you write what you know.”

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