The Shady Side Of Jennifer Aniston

1997 romantic comedy “Picture Perfect” was one of the first star vehicles for Jennifer Aniston since “Friends” became a pop cultural phenomenon. But there was nothing perfect about the off-screen relationship between the actor and her on-screen love interest. In fact, she was so mean during the shoot that she left Jay Mohr running crying to his parents.

While hosting a 2012 episode of his “Mohr Stories” podcast, the funnyman revealed that Aniston had wanted her then-boyfriend Tate Donovan to play opposite her. But when Mohr was cast instead, she became hellbent on making his life a misery: “As she’s walking toward us to walk past us, she’s pointing to [co-star] Illeana Douglas and she goes, ‘Six guys they screen tested. Six!’ … And then points at me and goes, ‘The one guy I hate, that’s the guy they hire. Him!”

Mohr admitted he ended up heading back home after one particularly tough shoot to seek solace from his family: “I drove to Verona, New Jersey, to my mom and dad’s house. I put my head in my mother’s lap, and I cried … My mom thinks I’m like HIV-positive, I’ve killed someone … I go, ‘She’s so mean … I finally got a leading role, a romantic leading man in a movie. I’m number two on the call sheet, that’s impossible, and she’s just so mean.'”

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