Gonna Rip the Baltimore Mayor for His 'Hate Whitey' Schtick, But DANG There Are Some Real Jerks Out There

On May 13, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers set off a series of controlled explosions to help free the Dali, better known as the ship that plowed into the Francis Scott Key Bridge on March 26. What most people don’t know is that the crew was — and is — still on board. And they aren’t allowed to leave.

Two maritime unions, both from Singapore, are lobbying to have the crew freed. They also sent delegates to visit and check on the 21-member crew, 20 of whom are from India and one who is from Sri Lanka.

The two unions are said to be “deeply concerned” about the crew and their “emotional distress.”

And here’s the weird part: The FBI confiscated the crew’s cell phones as they and the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) continued to investigate the crash. 

No, they aren’t being given shore leave either. They aren’t able to leave due to the investigations, as well as a supposed lack of shore passes and visa restrictions.

The unions released a joint statement on May 11 that said the crew’s morale has tanked because of an “unfounded fear of criminal liability.”

No one seems to know when the sailors will be free to leave. The crew has lost contact with the outside world.

“They can’t do any online banking,” Joshua Messick, an official with the Baltimore International Seafarers’ Center, stated. “They can’t pay their bills at home. They don’t have any of their data or anyone’s contact information, so they’re really isolated right now.”

FACT-O-RAMA! Egypt seized the Ever Given, the ship that ran aground in the Suez Canal and blocked shipping traffic back in April 2021, claiming the owner of the ship should pay $1 billion for damages and losses.The crew of 25 was kept on board as the negotiations went on.

On a personal note, I smell a stink badger in the perfume aisle. Why would the FBI detain the crew and snag their phones? Do they believe the crew has some culpability? If so, does the crew have any rights? Why would the feds snatch their cell phones? 

Yes, the videotape of the ship hitting the bridge is suspicious. It almost looks like whoever was steering the vessel chose to kamikaze the craft into the bridge. 

Is it legal to hold the crew hostage on the ship, even as demolition charges are going off? And why swipe their phones? Are they suspects? 

TIN FOIL HATE-O-RAMA! Some people believe the ship was purposely steered into the bridge.

Illegal immigrants cascading over the southern border are “caught” and given court dates, usually years away. Why is the crew of the Dali being treated differently? They aren’t foreign invaders. They are maritime sailors on a ship that, admittedly, demolished a bridge in what appears to be a perfectly placed accident. Are they suspects? Or is the FBI hiding something a bit more sinister?

It occurs to me I sound a bit like Nancy Grace now and thus it is time to go to bed. I shall keep you posted.

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