The New Reason Fans Can't Stand Matthew Stafford's Wife Kelly

Kelly Stafford is one of many WAGs that fans can’t stand, but trust us, NFL fans aren’t her only haters. Commenter Stephen A. Smith has also criticized Kelly for blasting her relationship with Matthew Stafford. “How is it that y’all know that men have egos and males are ego-dominant?” Smith said on his podcast. “But you forget that when it comes to your own man. What could possibly make you … if you are Mrs. Stafford, what could possibly make you think that it is OK for you to go home after revealing to the public, ‘I kicked it with his backup?'” Smith also stressed that he wasn’t attempting to malign or disrespect Kelly. He just didn’t understand her motivation for unearthing such controversial deets.

Unfortunately for Kelly, Smith isn’t the only sports professional who has thoughts about Kelly’s dating memory. Former NFL pro Channing Crowder expressed his annoyance at Kelly in a very vulgar manner during an episode of the “Pivot” podcast. “It just makes Matt look bad. Don’t say things that make your spouse look bad,” he said. After admitting that he’d probably shared things in the past to upset his wife, he claimed that Kelly’s sin of “giving the cakes up to a backup to make [him] jealous” was far worse. “So, you done knocked it down and your buddy done knocked it down, and you done came back around and jumped in the car. Man, that was unacceptable for me.”

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