The Morning Briefing, KDJ's Clown World Edition: As the Right Saves America, the Left Cancels Tinkerbell

So here is how it works at PJ Media. When we write an article, we search for a headline photo that correlates to it. I searched “Tinkerbell” and was hit with this salad-dodging monstrosity. I had to see it, and so do you. Good morning, America, enjoy your Lucky Charms.

More on that in a bit.

Einstein once told his son that the USA has a gyroscope. Just when you think it’s about to go off a ledge in one direction, it straightens itself out and leans to the other side. I think we are finally about to head over a little more to the right and avoid going over the commie cliff that lies just in front of us.

For starters, Gen. Michael Flynn is on the road promoting the film he made about the deep state trying to imprison him for being an American patriot, and hordes of people are coming out to see it.

I had the pleasure and privilege of meeting Gen. Flynn — and watching his movie — at The American First Warehouse on Long Island.

FACT-O-RAMA! Long Island used to be a hotbed of liberalism. Now its a patriot’s paradise. The America First Warehouse is the coolest, most MAGA-riffic venue in the nation. If you’re feeling like the pinkos are winning and you need a patriotic pick-me-up, plan a trip to The Warehouse. You will leave feeling very Yankee Doodle Dandy. Speaking of which, cap off your all-American trip to Long Island by stopping by Yankee Doodle Dandy’s Chicken, which is a short drive away. Tell them both KDJ from PJM sent you.

Flynn’s movie will make you mad when you see what the deep state did to the man. You’ll likely tear up when you see how Mike Flynn, Jr. almost killed himself when the swamp threatened to arrest him to get Gen. Flynn to plead guilty to a crime that didn’t exist. If you can hold it together when Flynn’s toddler grandson recites the last nine words of the Pledge of Allegiance, you’re probably dead inside.

Crowds are pouring out to see Flynn’s movie. We the People are waking up to what kind of evil we are up against. Even our normie neighbors are getting the message.

Check it out at


The Marxist codswallop that some call diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) is being kicked in its gender-neutral crotch.

DEI pretends to care about placing minorities into jobs, but if you read my stuff, you know that its true goal is to bring in “DEI officers” into every company and institution in the nation and push communism. And it’s falling apart. Check this out:

The death of DEI can’t be underestimated. Everything related to DEI, like the “environmental and social governance” nonsense, will be used by the commies to enslave us unless we stop them.

Trump on Trial

The deep state has lined up four cases against Trump, hoping to kill his chance of winning in November and throw him in jail, as they did to Flynn. How’s that going?

Sen. J.D. Vance (R-Ohio) came out swinging for Trump and lampooned “star witness” Michael Cohen.

Fani Willis’s case began falling apart when the nation learned she was the side piece of the ambulance-chasing lawyer she hired to prosecute Trump.

Jack Smith, who was hired to go after Trump about the ridiculous “secret documents” case in Florida, is now being investigated for tampering with evidence.

Can I get a “Hallelujah”?

As patriotic Americans are waking up, as the Trump cases crumble, and as DEI begins to suffer the painful death it deserves, what is the left doing to help the nation? They canceled Tinkerbell.

When I saw that Tinkerbell was suddenly on the chopping block, I thought it was because she’s a fairy, and that word might offend the LGBTHAHA crowd.

It turns out Peter Pan’s pal is no longer on Disney’s list of meet-and-greet characters in the Magic Kingdom because, unlike the freakshow in the headline pic, she is concerned about her weight.

Disney deemed her “potentially problematic” for expressing views that might be seen as “body conscious” way back when “Peter Pan” was released in 1957.

Capt. Hook was accused of being offensive to people with disabilities. Reminder, these are cartoon characters who are 70 years old.

If we can continue to push the truth while the left is busy scalping Disney characters, we got this, my fellow Americans!

PS: I had drinks with Kruiser last night in some Brooklyn dive bar. He says, “Hi.”

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