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The Morning Briefing: China Is Probably Just Waiting for U.S. Military to Get More Woke

The Morning Briefing: ChiComs Probably Can't Wait to Have a Go at Woke US Military

Top O’ the Briefing

Happy Tuesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Talcko’s crippling fear of chard made him quite the curiosity at the monthly cul-de-sac drum circle cleansing.

Americans have been forced to deal with the erosion of trust in many of our institutions for a long time now. One thing most of us weren’t worried about — especially on the Right — was faith in the United States military.

Because they exist to ruin things, American leftists have managed to shake that faith.

To the dismay of those of us who would prefer that Mandarin never become the official language here, America’s military higher-ups seem to all have canted left and embraced all of the ideological nonsense that goes with that. These days, you’re more likely to hear a Pentagon briefing on transgender policy, pronouns, or climate change than you are about, you know, actual military stuff.

Robert writes that Gen. Mark Milley — the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff — is selling the notion that the United States military is not, in fact, woke:

Milley’s words would carry a great deal more weight were it not for the mountain of evidence that Milley’s military is far more interested in pushing the left’s insane social agenda than it is in actually winning wars. The lack of preparation for the withdrawal from Afghanistan was the biggest indication of this wrongheadedness, but there are plenty of others.

Most of them revolve around pushing the left’s fascination with depravity and perversion upon the military. In the summer of 2022, Joint Base Langley-Eustis (JBLE)’s first “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Summer Festival,” featured (what else), a drag show. The festival, according to the Daily Wire, featured “a series of performances and speeches, including a poem on ‘Diversity, Equity and Inclusion’ and a drag show by Joshua Kelley, who performs under the moniker Harpy Daniels.” Harpy is the navy brass’ favorite sailor; he is also the drag queen they’ve decided to make the star of their recruitment videos.

That sound you hear is every American general from World War II rolling in their graves.

This is reminiscent of what’s going on in public education, where the public knows what’s happening, but the people in charge keep insisting that our eyes aren’t seeing what they see. Again, American leftists seem to think that none of us have access to the internet.

I have a lot of friends who have served or are serving and all of them recommend against young people going into any branch of the military right now. They are all hoping things change but say that the woke rot at the top is too pervasive for that to happen quickly.

Here’s more from Robert:

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis pointed out the obvious when he noted during one of his presidential campaign addresses that the military has been “infected by the woke mind virus,” and that the consequences of this couldn’t be more serious: “This is changing the character of the military, it’s changing the culture of our services, and it’s creating a situation in which great warriors have been driven away and recruiting is at an all-time low.”

Sadly, it turns out that woke doesn’t sell well for an all-volunteer military force.

My colleague Beege Wellborn writes over at HotAir that the Air Force is going to miss its recruiting numbers for the first time in a quarter century:

Don’t look now, but things are SO FABULOUSLY PEACHY in this woke, DEI-driven, white rage hunting, craptastic, anti-American military the current rainbow warrior leadership has given us, that even the miserable failure of Bidenomics can’t drive people to join.

No, sir. Contrary to Progressive expectations, the promises of protected pronouns, penises in the powder room, and parades on the poop-deck have not produced the rush to raised right hands this new all-inclusive military was meant to inspire.

As Beege points out, COVID is the bogeyman du jour for military officials trying to dismiss recruitment failures (the Army has been struggling too), despite the fact that the commander in chief publicly declared that the pandemic is over. Look for the blame to shift to climate change if the recruiting remains anemic, because is there anything that can’t be blamed on it?

It’s a safe bet that the ChiComs are taking all of this in with great relish. Xi and the boys are probably yukking it up daily over our addled president and a military that’s focusing on proper pronouns preparedness. They’ve spent decades building their military to match the might of the United States, now they can simply kick back and watch things here self-destruct.

At least no enemy feelings with be hurt by wrong think when the invasion finally comes.

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