The Lincoln Project Hits a New Low, Surprising No One

It’s not a secret that the “Republicans” at The Lincoln Project have spent the past 5 years making bank on their dubious claims to be former Republicans who have reluctantly been drawn into fighting Donald Trump to save democracy. 

In 2020, they raised almost $90 million, spending the lion’s share on consulting fees paid to the founders of the organization. Democrats were happy to shower the organization with money because they are incredibly good at one thing: being total jerks with no compunction about lying and striking far below the belt. 

A great example of the latter tendency is the video they just put out suggesting that Steve Bannon could or should get raped in prison. 


I won’t deny that people often make such crude jokes in private, and while I actually believe that prison rape is an unforgivable example of the government’s failure to perform its basic function–ensuring the basic human rights of those under its control–I understand that prison rape jokes are common in public discourse. 

But bragging about it? Especially about a man whose crime is contempt of Congress–something that many Democrats, including the Attorney General of the United States, is guilty of? He went to prison for the same crime that Hunter Biden hasn’t been prosecuted for. 

We’re not talking about some rapist or pedophile. Bannon is a political consultant being thrown in jail for doing what people around President Biden are doing with impunity. 

C’mon, man. That is disgusting. 

What level of hatred and how black does your heart have to be to sink to this level? 

Trump Derangement Syndrome is a powerful mental illness, and playing to your paymasters in the Democrat donor base should have some limits. 

But limits are not what the Lincoln Project is about. To see Rick Wilson, who partnered with a man who engaged in sexual banter with a teenager, speak about integrity and saving our democracy is sickening. 

Other NeverTrumpers who helped found The Lincoln Project left the organization in disgust after seeing what it became. Wilson and his cronies are in it for the long haul. They make their living hating Donald Trump and his allies. 

Well, this video confirms who they are–the same people who committed a hoax to convince voters that Glenn Youngkin is a Nazi. 


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