The Lakewood Church Shooter Story is Not so Simple

The news is breaking today that the person who walked into Lakewood Church in Houston on Sunday afternoon and opened fire was transgender. 

I have been waiting for more information about this shooting, as a Houstonian, and as a media observer. When the shooting was breaking news, one aspect of the story didn’t sit well with me. It seemed as though local law enforcement and the media were not transparent with all they knew. It seemed like they were holding back.

Frankly, I was waiting for the shooter to be identified as an illegal alien. It turns out it is the other subject the media often initially omits from a breaking news story – the shooter was transgender. “She” was a he with a criminal record.

Here’s a recap of the story for those who haven’t heard it – On Sunday afternoon, it was reported that a woman walked into a Houston megachurch, Lakewood Church, with what was described as a long rifle and a young child in tow. She was wearing a trenchcoat and a backpack. A Spanish-speaking service was about to begin. Two off-duty officers engaged and fired. In the chaos, the woman was shot and died on the scene. The little boy, believed to be 4 or 5 years old, was shot and is in critical condition at Texas Children’s Hospital. It is unclear who shot the child. A 57-year-old man (an innocent bystander) was shot in the leg and taken to a hospital. When the woman was shot, she allegedly told officers she had a bomb. The bomb squad searched her car and backpack but found nothing.

CNN is reporting that the AR-15 had “Free Palestine” written on it. 

Houston Police Chief Finner conducted a press conference Sunday. He was joined by Joel Osteen and Mayor Whitmire. 

Two off-duty officers were present: a 28-year-old Houston Police Department officer and a 38-year-old agent with the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission, both with less than five years of service. The two officers engaged the shooter and she was struck, the police chief said.

The shooter used an AR-15 that had “Free Palestine” written on it, according to a federal law enforcement source. Investigators are trying to determine whether she was politically motivated or a disturbed individual, the source said.

“I want to commend those officers. She had a long gun and it could have been a lot worse,” Finner said. “But they stepped up and they did their job, and I want to thank them for that.”

For those wondering, yes, Lakewood Church has security. The church allows concealed carry but not open carry. The church has an average attendance of 45,000 people. It is huge. It used to be the sports arena for the Houston Rockets. The off-duty officers were working as security. Moreno pointed the weapon at them. 

Press reports are that the little boy will not likely survive. 

The shooter was identified as Genesse Ivonne Moreno. As it turns out, she was a he. 

Members of the FBI, Conroe Police Department, Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, Houston Police Department and Texas Rangers arrived at a Conroe home hours after the Sunday shooting to collect evidence and try to piece together the main piece of the puzzle. 

The 36-year-old previously identified as Jeffrey Escalante and had prior arrests for assault, forgery, marijuana possession, theft, evading and unlawful carrying of a weapon, according to KHOU’s Jeremy Rogalski. Accoring to a Texas Department of Public Safety records search, her criminal report dates back to 2005.

Joel Osteen posted a statement Sunday night.

Governor Abbott offered his support.

The criminal is dead now so that probably ends that part of the story.

I used the pronoun ‘she’ in this post because that is how the shooter was described before his true identity was determined. The liberal media hates to report on stories involving the topic of transgenderism.  I wonder how long the press will keep the story alive. 

There is a trend, though, that sooner or later the press may have to acknowledge.

*** UPDATE ***  
During a press conference, police reported that the little boy is 7, not 5, as originally reported. That age change does not make his exposure to this event any less tragic. He is reported to be the shooter’s biological son. That makes the shooter a woman.

There may be a family dispute that triggered the shooter to carry out such a horrific event. She has a history of mental health issues.

The rifle had the word ‘Palestine’ written on it. 

Her husband’s family is Jewish. There may be antisemitism at play. 

The shooter is reported to have moved back and forth between identifying as female and male at various times. 

Police say it is too early to provide a motive.

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