The Drama Between Kamala Harris & Kimberly Guilfoyle, Explained

When Kimberly Guilfoyle decided she wanted to work at the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office again, she reached out to Terence Hallinan’s chief assistant, Darrell Salomon. Shortly after, Kamala Harris reportedly contacted her in Los Angeles. “She called me and said basically that she was on the hiring committee and in charge of the budget for the D.A.’s office, and that I should have gone through her if I wanted to return to the D.A.’s office,” Guilfoyle told SFGate in 2003.

She also contended Harris told her the budget didn’t allow for a new hire. Guilfoyle was confused because her conversation with Salomon had ended on a different note. She called the D.A.’s office and was told Harris had no part in these decisions and that there was no such thing as a hiring committee. Harris admitted to calling Guilfoyle but disagreed on what was said. “I never suggested to her there wasn’t a job for her in the San Francisco D.A.’s office — of that, I’m very clear,” she told SFGate.

On the contrary, she said she offered to help. Harris was confused as to why Guilfoyle made those claims. “We have great rapport and have great respect for each other,” Harris said. Gavin Newson has also suggested his ex-wife had a positive relationship with her co-worker. “We were close with Kamala. She knew her well,” he said on CNN’s “The Axe Files” in 2023, while discussing Guilfoyle’s transformation. 

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