The Border Patrol’s Real 'Position' on Biden

During the recent presidential debate, Joe Biden accused former President Trump of lying about his record. But Biden was caught lying again about law enforcement support for his re-election bid.

And about more than just that.

The president claimed that the National Border Control Council—the union that represents 90% of Border Patrol agents and ancillary/support personnel—has “endorsed” his candidacy as well as his “position,” which is (effectively) to have no border.

At least, none in other than a geographic sense.

Not in any meaningful sense—as the border has been wide open during the past almost four years of Biden’s disastrous presidency. Thousands of what are referred to as “migrants,” “undocumented workers,” and “asylum seekers” have been walking across (or are being driven across) daily, the total so far amounting to millions of people the American people are told they must not only welcome but provide for.

Even if it means not being able to provide for themselves and their own families, and at the expense of their own communities.

We have all heard the stories—all of them true—about illegals, the proper term, as it’s against the law to enter the country without respecting the laws of the country. Laws, it’s important to note, that apply to Americans, who are understandably dismayed about illegals being housed in nice hotels with the room (and board) provided by American taxpayers. About debit cards handed out to illegals, the funds provided by Americans who pay the taxes the law requires them to pay. 

The Biden regime has even paid for “free” airplane tickets for illegals—paid for by Americans who can’t board an airplane (or even buy cough syrup) without showing the IDs that illegals aren’t expected to have.

Americans aren’t even allowed to know just how many illegals have been imported this way. Disclosing the number would apparently result in “operational vulnerabilities.”

We also know the public contempt displayed for law enforcement—including the Border Patrol—by the Biden regime and its officials, including the current secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, who told Congress, “We don’t bear any responsibility” for the wide-open border. 

It is wide open on purpose because Mayorkas, acting on behalf of his boss, wants the border to be wide open.

This is why NBPC President Brandon Judd publicly called for impeaching the secretary.

But perhaps the most egregious act of disrespect committed by the Biden regime occurred back in September of 2021 when a Border Patrol officer was publicly and falsely accused by the president himself of “whipping” illegals attempting to cross the border. 

Biden said the Border Patrol agent’s actions were “outrageous” and promised that “those people”—by which he meant the Border Patrol personnel involved— “will pay.” The Biden regime deliberately used the incident to inflame racial tensions, which the regime exploited to profit politically. Misleading photos were publicized that showed white agents on horseback appearing to “whip” a Haitian man attempting to cross the border illegally.

The Biden regime and the president himself egged on that appearance. 

In fact, no one was whipped. 

Rather, one of the four mounted Border Patrol agents pictured was trying to control his horse while attempting to keep the Haitian illegal from crossing. The Biden regime later conceded this fact because it could no longer be denied. Later, the regime tried to mollify the outrage by presenting the same agent it had publicly slandered in the most despicable manner imaginable with a Border Patrol Achievement Award.

But the Border Patrol hasn’t forgotten.

Nor is it interested in letting Biden get away with lying again.

Before Biden’s lips had stopped moving – while the debate was still ongoing – the National Border Council refuted Biden’s specious claim that he enjoyed the “endorsement” of the Border Patrol, and that the latter supports his “position.”

“To be clear,” a spokesman for the Council posted on X, “we have never and will never endorse Biden.” 

That’s a pretty strong position to take.

And for very good reason.

Not only has Biden shown contempt for the American people by allowing America to be flooded with illegals who have no legal right to be in America, but he has also made it plain that only Americans are expected to obey the laws that illegals are free to ignore. 

Americans can’t check into a hotel with their own money without showing a government ID. Illegals who have no IDs are housed in hotels paid for by Americans. Americans can’t open a bank account or get a legal job without proving who they are. But Biden doesn’t care who comes across the border—or how many, much less what they might be up to.

But perhaps the most contemptible of all is Biden’s contempt for Americans who are trying to uphold the law. This is especially true in view of the way he has used the law to go after his political enemies while shielding his political favorites—including Secretary Mayorkas and his crack-smoking son—from the law.

Biden’s pretended politically motivated and temporary love for law enforcement is as obvious as his inability to tell the truth, no matter how much he tries to lie about it.

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