The Biggest Controversies Surrounding Jared Kushner

Even before marrying into the Trump family, Jared Kushner was no stranger to the finer things in life including prestigious private schools and, yes, even Harvard. While most aspiring Harvardians need pristine grades and stellar SAT scores, Jared seemingly just needed a donation from his dear old dad, affluent real estate tycoon Charles Kushner.

The story goes that in 1998, Charles doled out a whopping $2.5 million to the school. Soon after, Jared received his acceptance letter. “There was no way anybody in the administrative office of the school thought he would on the merits get into Harvard,” a former administrator at Jared’s private high school told author Daniel Golden in preparation for his book, “The Price of Admission: How America’s Ruling Class Buys Its Way into Elite Colleges — and Who Gets Left Outside the Gates,” (via ProPublica). The administrator added, “His GPA did not warrant it, his SAT scores did not warrant it.”

As for the Kushner family, they have always denied that they paid Jared’s way into the Ivy League school. In an email to ProPublica, a spokesperson for Jared’s parents vehemently denied the allegations surrounding their son’s supposed improper acceptance. The spokesperson was also adamant that Jared was “was an excellent student in high school and graduated from Harvard with honors.”

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