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The awkward moment Christian Vasquez learned he was traded: ‘I think so, yeah’

After being traded from the Red Sox to the Astros Monday afternoon, Christian Vazquez merely needed to walk across the diamond to join his new team. 

In a strange twist of events, Vazquez and Boston happened to be in Houston to begin a three game series Monday night. Vazquez seemed to learn of his own trade while on the field for batting practice, and, needless to say, things were quite awkward. 

After being consoled by then-teammate Matt Barnes while walking off the field, Vazquez was approached by a group of reporters who asked him if he was, indeed, traded. 

Christian Vasquez
Christian Vasquez was traded to the Astros on Monday.

His response? 

“I think so, yeah,” Vazquez, still unclear, said. 

When asked how the trade felt, Vazquez answered diplomatically, maintaining that “it’s a business.” Mid-response, members of the Red Sox PR staff intervened to pull Vazquez away, shepherding him to the other clubhouse. 

But the awkward feelings persisted. As Boston’s J.D. Martinez noted, Vazquez, a catcher, had just participated in the Red Sox’s hitters meeting, before the trade. But, just a little while later, he would be able to share the intel and devised approach with his new club — a matter that could impact the three-game set.