Techno-Hell: LAPD Gets $278,000 Robot Dog, Dallas School District Adopts Pre-Crime Surveillance Technology

Techno-Hell: LAPD Gets $278,000 Robot Dog, Dallas School District Adopts Pre-Crime Surveillance Technology

LAPD is the latest police force to incorporate “robot dogs” into its arsenal.

Via CBS:

A $278,000 robotic dog was approved by the Los Angeles City Council, despite some council members expressing “grave concerns” about the Boston Dynamics-manufactured device. 

The “Quadruped Unmanned Ground Vehicle” was offered as a donation to the Los Angeles Police Department by the Los Angeles Police Foundation, according to CBS Los Angeles. If the council hadn’t accepted the donation, the offer would have expired, it reported. 

On Tuesday, the L.A. city council voted 8-4 in favor of accepting the robot dog, which is unarmed but has surveillance technology. Members of the public spoke at the meeting, with most urging the council against taking up the offer, citing fears that the machine could violate resident’s civil rights, CBS LA reported.

Referring to this device as a “dog” is obviously a manipulation of people’s natural affinity for actual dogs. This is not a dog; it’s potentially lethal police state tool ripped straight from dystopian science fiction.

The reason the corporate state prefers to use robot “dogs,” drones, etc., to execute enforcement actions is that machines don’t suffer from the same hesitation to snuff out innocent life that non-psychopathic humans do. They don’t ask questions. They are incapable of insubordination. Whatever the criminals in the government program them to do, they will do.

Via Srđan Korać:

The latest advance in military technology can depersonalise the methods of killing in the 21st century by turning enemy soldiers and civilians into mere objects devoid of moral value. The departing assumption is that robotisation of warfare transforms military operations into automated industrial processes with the aim of removing empathy as a redundant ‘cost’. The development of autonomous weapons systems raises a number of sharp ethical controversies related to the projected moral insensitivity of robots regarding the treatment of enemies and civilian population.

In related police state news, the Dallas Independent School District has adopted a Minority Report-style pre-crime surveillance system to identify wrongthink in the student body:

This initiative will utilize Davista’s Heimdall platform, a breakthrough technology that empowers organizations to identify risk and take action before the projected risk becomes a consequential event or incident.

…Davista’s student safety and support platform enables comprehensive analysis and review of student data through software, minimizing inherent human biases and disparities by objectively assessing data points and reducing assumptions and cognitive fatigue. Leveraging existing data within the school, the technology pays attention to students’ participation, performance, and behavioral patterns. This process establishes a baseline for each student, derived from their past information, allowing real-time analysis of any deviations from their personal baseline.

Given how little regard the government has for its citizens’ rights and welfare – as evidenced by its reckless promotion of the COVID-19 “vaccines” developed at record speed with documented fraud in the clinical trials – there is no reason to expect anything other than widespread abuse of “domestic terrorists” when these machines are rolled out at scale.