Stop Funding Companies That Hate You! Old Glory Bank Won't Cancel You for Being a Patriot.

When you think it can’t get worse, those pesky, toilet-dwelling Stalinites have found yet another way to annoy We the People. It’s called “de-banking.” 

How does it work? You go to your local ATM to take about a few bucks and get a message saying you are no longer a customer at, let’s say, Klaus Schwab’s Bank of China.

It’s grocery day and suddenly your assets are not available. Your credit cards are denied. You’ve been “de-banked.”

And if you don’t think it’s real, talk to former Trump attorney Dr. John Eastman.

FACT-O-RAMA! John Eastman now banks with Old Glory Bank!

Woke banks are booting conservative institutions — and regular, flag-loving Americans like you and moi — to the curb. Why? Because we know men can’t get pregnant, and we exercise our 1st Amendment right that allows us to say so.

FACT-O-RAMA! The Attorneys General of roughly 12 states signed a letter asking commie banks to stop canceling conservative customers.

Who is the main target of the de-banking communists? If you said “MAGA folks,” then winner winner, ribeye and bourbon dinner.

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The National Committee for Religious Freedom (NCRF) opened an account at Chase Bank and a few weeks later found that the account had been shut down. No reason was given.

From Newsweek:

NCRF only found that out when one of its founders tried to deposit a donation at a local Chase branch on May 19. That’s when NCRF was informed that the account was restricted and marked for closure. All the local branch could share was that the corporate office had closed the account, and that bank employees weren’t permitted to give additional information. The following week, NCRF received a letter dated May 6 stating that Chase would close the account and end its relationship on May 9.

So what is the answer to the globalist bankers kicking real Americans to the curb? 

Old Glory Bank!

This is from Old Glory Bank’s website:

Welcome to Old Glory Bank.® We’re the bank for freedom-loving Americans. We honor PSL – Privacy, Security, Liberty.  

We stand with you in our love of country, faith, freedom, flag, the military, and first responders.  

We have one physical location in Elmore City, Oklahoma, and with our great mobile banking, we have customers in all 50 states. Old Glory Bank is everywhere because it is always in your pocket!

I had the pleasure and privilege of hanging with Old Glory Bank president Mike Ring.

I was never one for online banks but after meeting “Ringer,” as his friends call him, and after talking with him on America’s favorite pro-America, anti-commie radio program, The Kevin Downey, Jr. Show, I opened an account with Old Glory Bank hours later. It took me about eight minutes.

In addition to 40,000 free ATMs, our nation’s most patriotic bank also has a great feature called Old Glory Cash-IN. Customers can walk into one of more than 88,000 retail locations nationwide and easily deposit cash, in locations like Walmart, Dollar General, LOVES, and Pilot. Old Glory Bank has removed the last friction point of having an online bank. As a traveling comedian, I can attest that this is banking gold!

Old Glory Bank does everything the brick-and-mortar banks do except for one thing: they don’t cancel your account because you’re a true-blooded American who still defends the Constitution.

I prefer to do my banking on the Old Glory bank app on my phone, but they have ATMs nationwide.

Old Glory Bank was formerly known as First State Bank. They have been in business for 120 years. They are FDIC-insured and have a beautiful branch with beautiful people! Their office is in Elmore City, Okla. If you are in the area, stop by and get some free Old Glory Bank swag!

FACT-O-RAMA! Oklahoma is one of three states that recently voted to post the 10 Commandments in school classrooms. 

One of my favorite things about this bank is something called Old Glory Pay. I’ll let their website tell you what that means. I added the emphasis:

As part of our promise not to cancel law-abiding customers for their beliefs, Old Glory Bank has launched its own payment App called Old Glory Pay. Old Glory Bank customers can send payments to other Old Glory Bank customers without their money ever leaving the Old Glory Bank eco-system, which means no institution can cancel your payments or withhold your funds for whatever reason they choose. Also, with Old Glory Pay, since both parties in a transaction are Old Glory Bank customers, there is an immediate settlement of funds and you do not wait for access to your money. Because Old Glory Pay links seamlessly with the Old Glory Bank App, you will be able to see immediately when a transaction hits your bank account. Logging into Old Glory Pay is easy. Just use the same username and password as your Old Glory Bank account. Also coming soon will be solutions for merchants to accept Old Glory Pay and a cancel-proof crowd fundraising solution.

I really like that last part because a certain fundraising site I won’t mention has a history of canceling people they don’t like, such as Kyle Rittenhouse, who perforated three rioters from Antifa who attacked him while he was cleaning up Kenosha, Wis., during the riots that gutted the town.

I also like that Old Glory Bank has board members who have a history of conservative values, including Dr. Ben Carson, Larry Elder, former Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin, and country music superstar, John Rich.

Getting canceled by your globalist bank because of your traditional, common-sense values isn’t a matter of “if” but of “when.” Cancel your bank before they cancel you. Join Old Glory Bank now, not after you try to pay a bill or try to take money from your account and get a “you’ve been debanked” message when you need cash.

The commies are all about 100% control. Your Constitutional rights — and your money — are their primary targets. Go to the bank that honors both: Old Glory Bank.

And while you’re at it, help keep your favorite conservative news site, PJ Media, in the fight against the Marxist toilet people

The reptilians known as Big Brother are trying to douse our lights once and for all. They demonetize our articles that they find offensive. You know, like when I write about the codswallop known as “kylmatt khainge.”

PINKO-RAMA! I am not kidding when I say I have to misspell those words to avoid “goo-gull” from demonitizing this article!

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I am doing my part to promote pro-American companies. Join me in the fight while you still can, not after your money is frozen and PJ Media’s staff is in a gulag. I hear they don’t have bourbon in Stalag Biden. And if the Stalinites want my whiskey, they’ll have to pry it out of my cold, dead, tipsy fingers.

Celebrate your Independence Day — and your liberties — by signing up today at Old Glory Bank and by becoming a warrior in the PJ Media VIP Army.

Happy Independence Day, patriots. Make freedom ring!

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