Sophie, Duchess Of Edinburgh's Most Inappropriate Outfits

The early days of being in a relationship is perhaps when you want to impress your significant other’s family the most — and that pressure is even worse if you’re dating someone in the royal family. But it seems that Sophie, Duchess of Edinburgh, felt comfortable (maybe a little too comfortable) when she began dating Prince Edward, Duke of Edinburgh, in 1993. Not long after sparking her romance with Prince Edward, Sophie wore a risky outfit at the 1995 gathering at Royal Ascot. 

It’s no secret the late Queen Elizabeth II had a love for horses and the Royal Ascot was perfect to feed her passion, as it has traditionally hosted members of the royal family. According to the Royal Ascot’s website, there are different dress codes for each enclosure on the property, one of which does not allow thin straps on dresses. The website reads, “As long as the top or dress has straps of one inch or greater, and isn’t off the shoulder or Bardot, it will be permitted.” 

Although it’s unclear what enclosure Sophie was in, it couldn’t have been a good look that she was wearing a very thin crisscross-strapped dress the day of the 1995 Royal Ascot. But to give credit where credit is due, the Duchess of Edinburgh appeared to cover it up with a cropped black cardigan. Still, every now and then, the thin straps peeked out. 

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