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Socialized medicine is a wonderful thing, but WOKE socialized medicine is even better

Socialized medicine is a wonderful thing, but WOKE socialized medicine is even better

Every day when I sit here, reading things from around the world, and finding off-the-wall stuff to write about, I become more and more convinced that the people running England don’t really like the English people very much. In fact, I believe there is a concentrated effort afoot to wipe the island clean of as many inhabitants as they possibly can, in as painful and miserable a fashion as they possibly can, while assuring the doomed citizens it was all their own fault to begin with.

I’ve done tons, and will continue to do tons, on their collective, mandated, exceptionally cruel NetZero insanity. That’s enough to bankrupt and freeze half the British Isles out on its own, if not cause heart attacks aplenty to boot.

The heart attacks are where the other avenue of annihilation comes into play – their National Health Service. Sounds cuddly enough, doesn’t it? It was meant to be “free,” and take care of everybody.

Health coverage in England has been universal since the creation of the National Health Service (NHS) in 1948. The NHS was set up under the National Health Service Act of 1946, based on the recommendations of a report to Parliament by Sir William Beveridge in 1942. The Beveridge Report outlined free health care as one aspect of wider welfare reform designed to eliminate unemployment, poverty, and illness, and to improve education. Under the 1946 Act, the Minister of Health had a duty to provide a comprehensive, free health service, replacing voluntary insurance and out-of-pocket payments.2

Currently, all those “ordinarily resident” in England are automatically entitled to NHS care, still largely free at the point of use, as are nonresidents with a European Health Insurance Card. For other people, such as non-European visitors or undocumented immigrants, only treatment in an emergency department and for certain infectious diseases is free.3 Rights for those eligible for NHS care are summarized in the NHS Constitution; they include the right to access care without discrimination and within certain time limits for certain categories, such as emergency and planned hospital care.

Of course, a “national” health service requires people to work in it, and, as government workers, obviously they’re not paid what the same skillset would make in private practice, but it should be enough to get along, right? After all, you’ve got the health of the nation in your hands, and almost 10% of the GDP.

Things should be top-notch, but they’re not. It’s our VA at its worst, but on crack, and for everyone in the country.

For one, doctors know they aren’t going to make the salaries that their peers do elsewhere, but they would like to make enough to pay the rent and the Green induced exhorbitant electricity bill.

They haven’t been able to do so in the past few years and they are feeling abused.

…The British Medical Association (BMA) said that newly-qualified doctors earn just £14.09 an hour (€15.95/$17.04), less than a barista at coffee shop chain Pret-a-manger (which pays £14.10, or €15.96), adding that junior doctors have had a 26 per cent real terms pay cut since 2008.

The feeling is particularly evident among the junior staff, who have staged several work actions already this fall and are planning a joint strike in protest.

Consultants and junior doctors will strike together during the Conservative Party conference, the British Medical Association (BMA) has announced.

The unprecedented hospital doctors’ strike will take place on Sept 20 and Oct 2, 3 and 4, leaving hospitals providing only “Christmas day” cover.

The dates announced by the BMA coincide with the Tory conference, and Nickie Aiken, a deputy chairman of the Conservative Party, said on Thursday that the timing “makes it clear their strike plans are politically motivated”.

Dr Vivek Trivedi, the BMA junior doctor committee co-chairman, said: “We will hold a national rally in Manchester on Oct 3 on the doorstep of the Conservative Party Conference.

Inconvenient, no? What to Americans would be an individual hospital or healthcare system pain-in-the-tookus becomes a state of emergency in the U.K., thanks to it being nationalized. And so poorly, pathetically run to begin with, that the threat of a strike is crippling, less mind if the doctors – or nurses when it’s their turn – actually walk.

The waiting list is insanity itself. Now, the NHS is trying to blame the walkouts for the numbers, but – hello. It sure sounds as if they were well off the charts before doctors got fed up.

Waiting lists are at a record high of 7.6 million and continue to grow, with more than 900,000 appointments cancelled because of strikes.

Screencap Telegraph U.K.

The NHS is so pathetically run, that in July, they’d managed to add another 15% to the list of those who’d been waiting the longest for treatment – many well nigh over a year without being seen yet.

The number of patients waiting a year for NHS treatment has risen by 15 per cent in the last 12 months, new analysis has revealed.

Official figures show that more than 50,000 more patients are waiting a year for NHS treatment compared to 2022, despite Rishi Sunak’s pledge to slash delays.

…However, the Liberal Democrats said NHS figures show that year-long waits rose 15 per cent in the 12 months to May with as many as one in eight patients in some areas facing such a wait.

…The figures also revealed nearly 100,000 patients face an even longer wait of 65 weeks or more, and more than 11,000 were waiting 78 weeks or longer.


Prime Minister Sunak was surprised and upset to learn this, as he has no problems receiving timely medical care.

…Mr Sunak promised that NHS waiting lists would fall, instead they keep rising with thousands of people left waiting in pain for the treatment they need.

The NHS for their part, is very proud of…well. I’ll let them tell you.

…“We have virtually eliminated 18-month waits and are taking immediate action to bring down waits of over a year, including reducing the number of patients requiring outpatient follow-up appointments.

“Our Elective Recovery Taskforce is also going further to unlock the independent sector so patients can be treated more quickly.”

Isn’t that generosity and consideration personified? They deserve a pat on the head, by George.

Soon you might only have to wait 8 months.

Or you might have to wait 2 years. Because those generate and compassionate public servants at the NHS, who have “virtually eliminated” waiting 18 months, and were directed to focus all their energies, time, and budget on improving the “health” delivery part of their mission, have…seen a proverbial “SQUIRREL!” that they just couldn’t resist chasing.

Sorry about those wait times and doctors’ issues.

The NHS is creating hundreds of diversity and inclusion roles despite being told to crack down on “waste and wokery”.

Officials at NHS England have drawn up plans for three new departments called “Equality, Diversity and Inclusion”, “People and Culture” and “People and Communities”, with 244 posts across the teams.

The Health Secretary is understood to be “frustrated” by the move and intends to summon health officials to demand explanations for the creation of large departments enforcing “woke doctrines”.

Ministers have repeatedly promised to crack down on bureaucracy, with NHS England ordered to cut its total workforce by up to 40 per cent.

You may not ever get seen if your social credit score doesn’t meet one of the new hires’ standards. Think about that.

In fact, the doctors at $17.40 hr may well have heart attacks coming themselves when they read the numbers for the new DEI hires.

…Plans seen by The Telegraph show the units have a staffing budget of almost £14 million, including 18 senior officials on six-figure salaries.

The departments fall under the auspices of workforce chief Dr Navina Evans, who is on a salary of more than £200,000.

…However, proposals for the NHS’s new structure, to take effect from April 2024, show that it is seeking to create new directorates covering diversity, communities and culture.

Between them, the three departments will employ 244 people, including 177 staff earning at least £50,000 each.

Despite Mr Barclay’s instructions to get rid of specific roles for diversity and inclusion, the units include a dedicated Equality Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) department, with 50 employees, and staffing costs of £3 million.

Oooo, DEI is such a grift!

And never, EVER forget – this is what Democrats, progs, even Romney RINOs want for us here.

Where the DEI consultants make more than the medical personnel AND the patient dies waiting for treatment anyhow.

Like a Green fever dream come true.