A social housing property in Melbourne’s inner suburbs has been trashed after its tenants were evicted earlier this year.

Frustrated neighbours and residents said they had flagged the house in Richmond with the Department of Families, Fairness and House (DFFH) multiple times.

Photos from inside the property reveal rubbish so thick the floors are not visible, with dog faeces and cigarette butts strewn around.

Rubbish at a Melbourne property
Rubbish at a Melbourne property. (Nine)

A DFFH spokesperson told 9News they applied to terminate the tenancy.

The spokesperson said after a lengthy court process, including a Supreme Court hearing, it was finally agreed these tenants would be evicted.

However, they have since moved into another public housing unit.

“We are committed to making sure renters in public housing and their neighbours are safe and secure in their homes. Most public housing renters do the right thing and contribute to their communities,” the spokesperson said.

Rubbish at a Melbourne property
Rubbish at a Melbourne property. (Nine)

“Local housing staff work closely with renters if issues are identified.”

For the first time today, cleaners were seen at the property attempting to clear the mess.

9News understands the mess was the worst they’d ever seen and that they were forced to call in reinforcements to help deal with it.

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