Sketchy Things About Diddy And Ashton Kutcher's Friendship

When Ashton Kutcher made the 2010 Time 100 list in 2010, Sean “Diddy” Combs referred to their partying heyday and stated, “For a while, with Jamie Foxx, we were a rat pack, hanging out, going to clubs. I remember one night he was with Demi, maybe for the first time, and a couple of weeks later he called to tell me he was in love.” Combs went on to say, “Like me, he’s a mogul — a new-media mogul. But we are yin and yang: I am in your face, but he is understated, cool, suave.”

That wasn’t the only difference between Combs and Kutcher. In an interview with The Daily Herald (via The Daily Beast), Kutcher revealed, “Our friendship has helped me become aware of the fact that people are becoming comfortable with something that’s still very uncomfortable.” He shared that people would wonder why he and Combs were friends since their backgrounds were so different. “But it wasn’t that he was a hip hop mogul and I was a farm kid; it was because he was Black and I was white. It was that simple. If he was a white hip hop artist from New York, nobody would have noticed,” Kutcher explained. Despite having an unconventional friendship, the two have remained close over the years, which has seemingly changed since Diddy’s recent troubles.

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