Sad Details About Love & Marriage: Huntsville Star Keke Jabbar's Death

The saddest detail about Keke Jabbar’s death is the fact that her three children have lost their mother forever. Contrasting Jabbar’s time on “Love & Marriage,” which was often rife with tension, the reality star found great pride and joy in caring for her children. In May 2024, mere weeks before her death, Jabbar took to Instagram to celebrate her oldest child Amaree’s high school graduation. “My first born graduated from high school yesterday and it was such an emotional experience!!” posted Jabbar alongside a photo of her kids. “I didn’t expect 18 years to go by this fast! We’re so proud of you Amaree.” Jabbar also thanked her village, including her parents, who contributed to her son’s life.

In January of that same year, Jabbar celebrated Amaree’s birthday on Instagram with a video of her family singing “Happy Birthday.” The mom-of-three gushed about her oldest. “18 years ago I was preparing to become a mommy for the first time,” wrote Jabbar. “I thank God for my child! I couldn’t not have prayed for a better child who’s smart, handsome, respectful, loving and kind!” Jabbar also prayed for Amaree, whom she revealed had never gotten into any trouble, as he embarked on the next phase of his life. “I pray Gods covering for him and that he goes out to create the best possible life possible for himself using all of the tools that me and his dad have instilled into him from birth!!!” she continued.

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