Robin DiAngelo: Scott Adams was right

Robin DiAngelo: Scott Adams was right

Segregation is in right now.

Scott Adams’ famous rant about how Blacks have become a hate group and that White people should resolve to avoid dealing with them. My own read was that Adams was engaged in a bit of trolling, exaggerating both others’ opinions and his own to make a point.

Let’s just say I wasn’t particularly impressed by the whole affair. I wrote about it when it happened and haven’t thought about it a moment since, and if that is true for others I would say that his gambit didn’t have the intended effect. I think Adams wanted to start a conversation, but he grossly overestimated his status as a social influencer.

Robin DiAngelo, though, has come out in favor of Adams’ idea, although her reasoning is nominally the inverse of Adams’. Adams’ point was that Black people are now comfortable expressing hatred for Whites, so Whites shouldn’t subject themselves to the hate.

DiAngelo, too, believes the problem is hate. But it is White people hating Black people. So it is Blacks who should avoid Whites, not the other way around.

Yeah, whatever. Segregation is segregation. And it’s pretty clear that the relationship between the races has been deteriorating at a pretty fast clip, after decades of progress.

DiAngelo, of course, is a grifter. It’s hard to see how Adams profits from making his point, and easy to prove that DiAngleo’s entire career and economic success is driven by being a racist provocateur. A White woman who play-acts at being an “ally” of racial minorities, she makes a living claiming that White people are irredeemably racist. She pretends that she includes herself in this, but I don’t see her making reparations with the millions she makes spewing her BS.

I don’t know what she is making now, but a couple of years ago a library paid her $15,000 to do a 90-minute zoom call. She is a bestselling author and is celebrated everywhere she goes. It is a grift.

As a practical matter, segregation cannot be a good thing either for the country or especially for Blacks. America is not a society divided primarily between Blacks and Whites anymore, first of all. As a proportion of the population both Blacks and Whites will likely decline in the future, with other racial minorities growing.

The White proportion of the population is declining fast, but it’s not due to an increase in the proportion of Blacks. And unlike the more radical Blacks, nobody else seems to be interested in segregating, and with good reason. The benefits of being an American come from belonging to a thriving common economy and culture, and people want those benefits. It is why they came here.

Segregation means losing access to all those benefits. It is a stupid idea.

White people remain the majority in this country and have a disproportionate amount of the capital that makes the economy tick. Black people benefit from gaining access to that pool of capital–the money, the investments, the social capital, all of it. And despite the rhetoric, Blacks are not automatically excluded from access to that pool unless they choose to exclude themselves.

The DEI madness is making things much worse, not better for Blacks in the long run. By convincing everybody that Blacks and Whites can’t work together well we have the elite class coming to the conclusion that racial segregation is actually better for everybody involved. While immigrants integrate in a generation or two, Blacks may actually become more, not less isolated in society.

All due to “anti-racism.” It doesn’t have to be this way.