Red Flags Matt Rife And Jessica Lord's Relationship Would Never Last

Matt Rife and Jessica Lord’s relationship timeline seemed a bit sketchy and a major red flag was already apparent: She was actually in a relationship when Rife was trying to win her over. While appearing on the “Podcrushed” podcast, Rife revealed that he knew Lord a year before their relationship began, after having a gig in Mississippi. His time in the state lasted longer than supposed to, and not just because of flight delays. He shared, “I stayed an extra two days just so I could keep hanging out with her.” The messed-up part, Rife knew she had a boyfriend and still kept pursuing her. He explained, “I was really trying, which was such a s***** thing to do, she had a boyfriend.” Rife’s attempts to win Lord over didn’t end after he eventually left Mississippi.

He continued to share on the podcast, “When she got back to L.A. I called her and was like ‘Hey, do you wanna come out?'” But as much as Rife tried, Lord knew deep down that it wasn’t right. Rife said, “She was like ‘You know, I have a boyfriend and I just don’t think it’s appropriate that we be friends because obviously you like me.'” After that, Rife left it alone. But clearly something seemed to work in his pursuit, because a year later, in June 2023, the two explored their relationship.

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