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Queen Camilla Gifted With Striking Wax Figure Ahead Of Royal Coronation

Queen Camilla Gifted With Striking Wax Figure Ahead Of Royal Coronation

Special occasions call for special honors, and Queen Camilla Parker-Bowles is getting honored before the coronation. 

While the world awaits the coronation ceremony on May 6th, the famous London tourist attraction, Madame Tussauds, took to honoring the Queen Consort most spectacularly. 

In the tradition of the museum’s unique artistic nature, they made a regal waxwork of the new Queen. Keep reading for more details!

Queen Camilla Gets Honored With Special Lookalike Wax Sculpture Ahead Of The Coronation

New wax figure of soon-to-be Queen Camilla unveiled at Madame Tussauds London

A few days before we witness the historic ceremony, we see a lifelike sculpture of Queen Consort Camila. Per Hello Magazine, the waxwork was finely crafted to look exactly like the soon-to-be Queen with her noticeable features. The figurine has a skin tone similar to the new queen, a bright smile, and curly blonde hair. 

The lifelike model wore a recreated dress Camila wore at the Diplomatic Reception back in December 2022. The ensemble, played by designer Anna Valentine was a stunning long-sleeved dark blue dress with a gold jewel at the waist. 

The lookalike figure was adorned with a replica of the Belgian sapphire tiara owned by the Queen, and draped across it was a royal blue sash with the star of the order of Garter placed on it. The new waxwork will stand with the statues of King Charles, the Prince and Princess of Wales, the late Queen, and the Duke of Edinburgh in the Throne Room.

Speaking about the new royal figurine and its importance Tim Waters, general manager of Madame Tussauds, said: “While for many people this will be their first experience of a coronation, the coronation of King Charles III will be the eighth that Madame Tussauds London has celebrated.”

He continued, “We’re incredibly proud of our centuries-long link with the Palace, and what better way to mark the official start of this new chapter in the history of the British monarchy than with the creation of our brand new soon-to-be Queen Camilla to stand alongside her husband, the King.”

With the coronation only a few days away, the Palace previously revealed the royal headpiece Camilla would be crowned with. According to PEOPLE, the new Queen Consort will wear the Queen Mary’s Crown. 

New wax figure of soon-to-be Queen Camilla unveiled at Madame Tussauds London

Late Queen Mary wore the precious jewel when she participated in the coronation alongside her husband, King George V, in 1911. However, some changes would be made to the crown to include a special tribute to the late Queen Elizabeth II.

King Charles III Given Holy Gifts By The Pope Before The Coronation Ceremony 

Camilla isn’t the only one receiving gifts ahead of the coronation. Weeks ago, King Charles III received a grant from Pope Francis, reportedly linked to Jesus Christ. 

For the upcoming royal ceremony, the Archbishop of Wales, the Most Rev. Andrew John, blessed the cross that will lead the procession. Added to the cross were two unique holy gifts — also known as the “Cross of Wales” — from Pope Francis. 

The gifts from the head of the Catholic Church were two splinters of wood allegedly removed from the “true cross,” a term used for the actual cross Jesus died on centuries ago. The Bishop of Rome described the pieces of wood as a “personal coronation gift” to the King. The sacred wood was then placed at the center of the Cross of Wales. 

While commenting on the precious gift, the Archbishop of Wales told a news outlet, “It’s hugely significant. It’s a remarkable thing that the King has been able to find favor with the Vatican. And due to that perfect relationship, Pope Francis has agreed to gift these small fragments of the holy cross.”

King Charles attends the 200th Sovereign's Parade

The Cross of Wales was made in 2020 by the Goldsmiths’ Company in London through the King’s order. It was created to mark the centenary of the Church in Wales and made using environmentally friendly materials. The commemorative symbol of Wales was made from recycled silver bullion with Welsh windfall timber and slate.

Also featured on the symbol is the “King’s Mark,” which His Majesty etched while visiting Goldsmiths’ for the first time in November 2022. Additionally, the sacred object has a snippet from the patron saint of Wales, St. David’s last sermon.