The Morning Briefing: Let's Take a Break From Despair and Be Irritated About Pride Month Today

Chicago’s annual Pride parade took place on Sunday and the event appeared to go smoothly enough. Authorities had been wary of potentially violent disruptions, so the parade route was shorter than in previous years with fewer floats and a large police presence. The peaceful portion of the proceedings was not destined to last, however. Once the parade was over, hundreds of participants and observers stuck around well into the night, drinking, singing, and dancing. Then fights began to break out. When the police attempted to break up the altercations, the revelers attacked the CPD cops. In the end, more than fifty people were arrested and multiple police officers were injured. I’m almost positive that someone once told us that these gay pride events are all about love and light equality. When did that philosophy begin including attacking the police? (Fox News)

More than 50 people were arrested, and multiple police officers were injured on Chicago’s North Side overnight Sunday as the aftermath of the city’s Pride parade descended into chaos with reports of people jumping on vehicles and throwing bottles.

The wild scenes took place in the vicinity of Clark and Halsted Streets in Lakeview at around 1:30 a.m. early Monday – 12 hours after the pride parade concluded – with the Chicago Police Department (CPD) saying that officers had objects thrown at them and four firearms were recovered while responding to the rowdy crowds.

CPD says that those arrested were charged with crimes including aggravated unlawful use of a weapon, aggravated battery against a police officer, aggravated assault of a transit employee and armed habitual criminal.

Based on the descriptions offered, the pride people were going totally off the rails. People were climbing on top of the Chicago Transit buses to dance and one woman was seen twerking on top of a cop car. When one police officer ordered a woman to get off the street and back onto the sidewalk, instead of complying she attacked him. She knocked off the cop’s hat and yanked his hair. She was finally brought under control, handcuffed, and arrested. 

On the one hand, it’s good to see the police cracking down on rioters and making arrests, but they really only did that after the pride people began attacking them. The situation was clearly already out of control. This was a quite different situation than the pro-Hamas riots, but it was still very strange. What is it that has all of these LGBTQ people so upset? They get an entire month dedicated to “Pride” to celebrate and the country bends over backward to ensure they are a protected class. What more do they want and why would they attack the cops?

If all of that action in Chicago sounds bad, the New York City Pride parade was even worse. Immediately after the parade, fighting broke out in Washington Square Park and fifteen people wound up being arrested. A video was published (available at the link) showing a young woman dressed in pink being dragged by her hair over a concrete barrier and knocked to the ground. Another woman who had been standing next to her was punched in the face and knocked to the ground. Later there was a shooting and the police closed down the park. In this instance, it appeared as if some of the altercation was caused by pro-Palestine protesters who showed up. But what does the Pride parade have to do with the Jews or the Palestinians? And why are the LGBTQ people getting so violent? None of it makes any sense.

Here’s a brief news clip from Washington Square Park to give you a sense of how out of control things became. (You may need to click through and watch it on YouTube because of their age restriction policies.)

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