Plastic Surgeon Estimates Price Tag Of Brittany Mahomes' Cosmetic Makeover

Dr. Patrick Davis, who stressed that Brittany Mahomes “looks amazing and is aging gracefully,” speculated about her possible cosmetic work. “She appears to be open about her use of lip fillers, and some photos do show a little more volumized lips as she has aged, which is the opposite of what occurs during normal aging where the upper lip becomes elongated and thin,” said Davis, adding that it’s possible that she also used filler in her cheeks. Regarding actual surgery, Davis revealed that strategically-placed makeup is very difficult to differentiate from cosmetic procedures. “The dorsum of her nose appears more thin and geometric in more recent photos which could represent great make up contouring, or surgically speaking, a rhinoplasty (i.e. nose job) has been performed.”

As far as what Brittany might have paid for these hypothetical cosmetic procedures? “Filler and Botox can be upwards of $1-2K per visit and a rhinoplasty runs anywhere from $15K to $30K or higher,” said Davis. And if you’re wondering why someone Brittany’s age, 28, would consider getting work done at this phase of life? “There is a benefit in improved recovery time and an overall enjoyment of the results of the procedure for a longer period of time,” continued Davis. “For example, younger and younger patients are having facelifts performed, because a well performed lift not only shows immediate results, but can resist the gravitation forces of aging more effectively over the subsequent years.” 

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