San Francisco Giving Homeless Vodka, Courtesy of Taxpayers

Thanks to a mass exodus of prosperous citizens and in-migration of poorer individuals (especially illegal aliens), woke California has seen a drop of $24 billion in personal income. Ah, another wonderful success for Marxist socialism!

As Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) and his hair go on the campaign trail for Dementia Joe Biden, Newsom’s California is a steaming dump of failure. Illegal migration, woke ideology, socialist economics, and other Democrat policies have driven many hard-working citizens from the beautiful state of California. The contributors are moving out as users move in, putting poorer citizens who can’t afford to move out of state in a terrible position and undermining the state’s economy.

The Center Square reported on the huge loss in personal income under Newsom’s malignant rule:

California lost a net 144,203 tax filers in the two years, representing $24 billion in lost personal adjusted gross income for the state. Those leaving the state had 38% more dependents or joint filers on their tax returns and an average AGI of $130,946, while those coming in had an average AGI of $111,689, or about 15% less income than those leaving. 

Democrat policies at work!

“This will not bode well for California and its future personal income tax revenues,” former state Sen. John Moorlach told The Center Square. Moorlach, a government and pension finance expert, continued, “It’s not only employees that are leaving, it’s entire businesses. Consequently, it’s not as if we need in-migration to fill empty positions. The positions left, too.” It’s civilizational collapse in the People’s Republic of California.

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Hundreds of businesses have been forced to close, among them the iconic San Francisco toy store that inspired the Toy Story movie series. The Center Square cited data from the California Policy Center’s California Book of Exoduses to state 304 companies have left California since January 2019.

While Newsom celebrated increased foreign (illegal) immigration to the state this year, and supposedly slowing outmigration, California continues to lose taxpaying families in exchange for poorer, single people. Significantly, California saw a huge surge of illegal aliens earlier this year, as stricter border measures in Texas drove migrants to seek the open border of Democrat-run California. Many of these illegal aliens are single men, all of them receive taxpayer-funded freebies, and many will likely never pay back into the system.

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In fact, California has had to cut or delay spending because of its whopping $47 billion deficit, The Center Square explained.

A new state report found the state’s private sector has lost a net 154,000 jobs and gained 361,000 public sector and taxpayer-supported jobs since September 2022. California is shedding jobs even in sectors growing nationally, such as the information, real estate, finance, and insurance industries. 

As long as Democrats remain in charge of California, and its border is open to illegal aliens, it is on the path to absolute financial ruin.

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