Opposing Joe Biden Is 'Election Interference'

I keep telling you that one of the key concepts of Critical Theory is that words are weapons. They have no inherent meaning. 

This, on its face, makes no sense. After all, if words have no inherent meaning, what purpose do they serve? Without a common understanding, the whole point of language- the communication of ideas- is impossible. 

Yes, but… Critical Theorists/leftists know that for most of us, words do carry an inherent meaning, and we do believe something like sharing ideas coherently is possible. So Critical Theory types hijack words and use them to generate emotional responses in others–to exercise power over you. 

In other words, everything they say is some form of a hoax. The whole point of every utterance is to elicit irrational responses, or rational responses to assertions that are objectively false. 

You can see this play out in real-time in this interview in which Keisha Lance Bottoms gaslights about “undue influence” in the election:

“Undue influence” or “Election interference” are terms that are very emotionally loaded, especially for Democrats who are trained like Pavlov’s dogs to begin drooling whenever they hear the words. They are “triggering,” as the left likes to say, which means that the capacity to think rationally vanishes. 

It doesn’t matter, clearly, whether “undue influence” is real, just that somebody makes the accusation:

CHRIS JANSING, MSNBC: Your hometown paper, the “Atlanta Journal-Constitution” is among those saying it’s time for President Biden to pass the torch. The editorial board wrote, “This wasn’t a bad night. It was confirmation of the worst fears of some of Biden’s most ardent supporters. Biden deserves a better exit in public life than the one he endured when he shuffled off the stage on Thursday night.”

I wonder what your conversations have been with President Biden since then and how does the president convince Americans he can lead the country for another four years, because some early polling suggests they don’t think he can.

KEISHA LANCE BOTTOMS: Let me just say I was very disappointed with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. As we have talked about making sure we’re protecting elections and making sure there’s no undue influence, this was undue influence by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, or an attempt to influence.

I think voters should be able to make the decision the same way they did in primaries that were held —

CHRIS JANSING, MSNBC: But isn’t that what editorial boards are supposed to do?

KEISHA LANCE BOTTOMS: Editorial boards are supposed to honor fair elections. I don’t think it’s fair when an editorial board with ten people sitting in a room are trying to influence an election, especially in a state like Georgia where there’s already been discussions about influencing elections.

Speaking of which, I don’t recall the editorial board asking for Donald Trump to step aside when he asked the secretary of state to find 11,000 votes. So if you’re going to ask a candidate to step aside, let’s also look at Donald Trump’s record and all of the reasons, including his indictment in Fulton County, trying to influence the secretary of state, his convictions. Let’s put them side-by-side. I’ll take a 90-minute bad night over the totality of Donald Trump’s presidency any day of the week.

Obviously, what Chris Jansing said is true: making pronouncements is exactly what editorial boards do, and every politician who gets endorsed by a media outlet (or just about anyone) goes to great lengths to ensure everybody knows it. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is expressing an opinion about a matter that is of public interest and commonly discussed. 

What should the Democrats do when they have a senile candidate running for president?

It’s not “undue influence.” It is part of the process–a newspaper sharing the collective opinion of its editors. 

Suddenly, we are to believe this is somehow shocking. Never before seen in human history! Election interference!

Obviously not. But Keisha Lance Bottoms doesn’t want you thinking, or at least Democrats thinking. She wants that drooling dog reaction. The glassy-eyed look and the NPC’s willingness to follow directions. 

She doesn’t actually believe a word of what she is saying–no doubt she put out ads when she ran for Mayor of Atlanta bragging about editorial board endorsements. 

It’s all about emotion. 

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