NYC Paid McKinsey $4 Million to Discover the Trash Can

This, my friends, is how government really works. 

If you live in a city or a suburb you likely use a garbage bin to dispose of your household waste. It makes sense, right? A container to keep the vermin, raccoons, dogs, and flies away from your trash as it waits to be picked up by the garbage man. 

New York is one of the few cities to forego the obvious solution to its own rat problem. Instead, the city has hired a “Rat Czar” with a six-figure salary.

But Mayor Adams had a bigger ambition: he asked McKinsey, the huge consulting firm, to explore a radical idea: trash bins. He paid them $4 million to look into the issue. 

$4 million. 

It’s an impressive sum, but McKinsey came through with a report worthy of the sum. In 95 pages, it conclusively demonstrated that, on balance, trash cans are a superior solution to the previous practice of putting Hefty bags out on the curb. 

If you think about it, that is a good return on the investment. It takes quite a bit of time to work up some tables and produce fancy graphics to state the obvious and to convince government officials to do the blindingly obvious. 

Mayor Adams even got a photo opportunity out of the deal, complete with newspaper and television coverage. He got to introduce THE FUTURE OF TRASH!

It is a revolution, I tell you. New York City is super forward-thinking, and manages taxpayer money well. Although, to be honest, I would have been willing to give them the same advice for free, but I don’t have the prestige that McKinsey does. 

I love the idea that Mayor Adams has taken valuable time out of his schedule filled with spending billions of dollars on housing and feeding illegal aliens who are on a crime spree in his city to hold a press conference on trash bins. At least it is a problem that he can solve and proof positive that the city is capable of doing the right thing once every other option is exhausted. 

One of the things I noticed when I was lobbying at the Minnesota legislature was the ubiquity of reports from consultants, paid for either by the government or by groups hoping to persuade bureaucrats and legislators. You and I may rely on common sense, but government needs experts. 

Only experts can provide a definitive response to the question of whether it is better to leave Hefty bags on the sidewalk or use trash cans. 

Now we know. 

My suggestion for a new study: is it better to crap in the streets or use toilets? San Francisco needs to know. 

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