Now The Capitol Hill Police Have a Cocaine Scandal

Has Hunter Biden been arrested by the Capitol Hill Police recently? Or has he visited their headquarters in Washington? Probably not, but the police are reportedly attempting to figure out how a small zip-lock bag of cocaine wound up in their office, located only a few blocks from Congress. The CHPD released a statement saying that the bag was found lying out in the open on a hallway floor. An investigation is ongoing and they claim they are testing the bag for DNA evidence to see if they can link it to a suspect. 

First the White House, now Congress — or close to Congress, anyway.

Capitol Police said Wednesday the agency was investigating how a small bag that tested positive for cocaine wound up in its headquarters, located about a 10-minute walk from where the House and Senate meet.

The one-inch by one-inch zip-locking baggie containing a white powder was found on a hallway floor near offices that deal with Crime Scene, Intel and Reports Processing, officials said in a statement.

In fairness to the police, this doesn’t sound like evidence of a junkie on the force. The baggie was found lying on the floor in the middle of a hallway. That’s not the sort of place someone would hide their stash. It’s very different than the White House cocaine scandal where the drugs were placed in a storage locker near the situation room. 

The CHPD further reported that the second-floor hallway where the drugs were found is “heavily trafficked” and is frequently used as a staging area for the delivery of office furniture and supplies. It may well have simply fallen out of the pocket of a delivery person yesterday and wasn’t noticed at the time. But if you’re a delivery person and you see that your next appointment is at the Capitol Hill Police Department headquarters, wouldn’t you leave your drugs in the truck? 

It wouldn’t be terribly surprising if that were the case, unfortunately. DC has a serious drug problem, particularly with cocaine, and it’s only gotten worse since the cartels have been flooding the border with drug mules. Just this week, 13 people were arrested on drug charges including cocaine (among other things) at DC’s secure Youth Services Center. In February, $3 million worth of cocaine was seized just over the border in Prince George’s County. 

By comparison, a one-inch baggie of cocaine is small potatoes. That amount wouldn’t add up to more than a minor possession charge if it were even prosecuted. DC has essentially decriminalized marijuana possession and being found with small amounts of cocaine is still just a misdemeanor. You can technically be sentenced to up to six months in jail and/or a fine of a few thousand dollars, but it rarely happens. In this case, however, if the cops can track down the owner using DNA, they might go after them in a serious way. The Capitol Hill Police don’t like being embarrassed and this story simply looks bad. Of course, even if they charge someone, they would still need to find a prosecutor who might be willing to take it before a judge. That might not be easy in DC.

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