Nothing Can Save Biden's Campaign, but Can Biden Save His Spot on the Ticket?

There really is no intrigue about whether Biden can save his bid to return to office. He is toast as a viable candidate. 

Sure, there are various stories implying that he just might, might, MIGHT save his candidacy, but they are all BS. No matter how many good performances he puts into the visual bank, Biden cannot win the election on November 5th. If anybody actually believes that, as Mourning Joe and his wife Mika claim to believe, it is not even remotely possible. 

I can confidently say that despite being almost always wrong in my predictions because no one event, nor even a series, can change a simple fact: for every good moment or hour Biden will have in the next several months, he will have 3, 5, 10, or more where he looks out of it. 

This is a biological reality. Biden’s brain has been deteriorating for years, and the pace has accelerated so much that he will bumble and stumble regularly. 

You know that. I know that. Everybody knows that which is why there is so much panic among Democrats. 

But that doesn’t mean Biden is going to be off the ticket. He gives every indication that he wants to remain there, although in politics, you can never trust a thing that anybody says and take it at face value. 

But Joe is stubborn and his family is determined to keep him in office now, and until he dies. The power, the perks, and the financial rewards are way too high. Again, read this paragraph from Vogue:

“If you want to know what power feels like, try to get yourself driven around in a motorcade. Flashing police chaperone lights form a perimeter as you blaze down an empty highway, waiting cars backed up on entry ramps as you pass. It’s as if the world is holding its breath. For you. Also, rules don’t apply.” 

The smart money is betting against his remaining on the ticket, according to Polymarket, but the problem is that every prediction depends on knowing what a literally demented man, Lady McBiden, and coke-sniffing Hunter are thinking. How do you predict what such people will do?

They may see their choices differently than most because they do not now nor have they ever cared about what is good for the country, no less their political party. It is all about them and always has been. This is the crack-smoking cocaine sniffing pedophilic influence-peddling family we are talking about. 

I can’t read minds, but let’s think about how the Bidens would see their choice: they face a 100% chance of not having power if Joe drops out of the race and perhaps a 25% chance of keeping it all if they stay in the race. The Democrat Party has a lot of money and a lot of people who can stuff ballot boxes after all, so there is a chance, right?

Obviously staying in is the better option unless the Democrats offer them a much better deal than retaining the presidency. How many millions of dollars, cushy sinecures, guarantees of pardons, and presidential libraries would the Democrats have to promise to make leaving look better than the option?

You could appeal to Richard Nixon’s loyalty to America and his political party to get him out of the White House. Promise a pardon and he is gone. But Biden? It has to be a better offer. No delegation of friends and elected officials could pry him out of the Oval Office without a big bribe. 

That is how Bidens roll. 

There is another option, but it is radioactive. Drop a nuke by threatening the 25th Amendment. Democrats would prefer Biden remain in office, and Joe would be humiliated if they went in this direction, but it may be the only way to replace him on the ticket. Kamala would become president and, hence, the only potential nominee, but Democrats really might go in this direction. 

That can potentially destroy Democrats this election cycle, but then again, they fear they are destroyed anyway. 

The only intrigue left is whether and how the Democrats can get rid of Biden. That is an interesting story and worth following, but any speculation about whether a series of good appearances can help Biden come back from the debate is useless filler. Biology says he can’t. He will glitch. Not every time, but each glitch is a nail in his coffin. 

I have no idea whether the Democrats can pull off a switcheroo. It depends on Biden’s handlers, who have a lot to lose, and the Democrats’ willingness to threaten the nuclear option. Biden’s handlers won’t leave unless his Cabinet looks ready to revolt. 

That seems unlikely, but stranger things have happened. But don’t be surprised if Biden is still on the ticket for the Democrat convention. 

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