Former NYT Editor: It's a Cult, and I'm Its Heretic

I am an unabashed promoter for Bari Weiss’ The Free Press. I subscribe to it, gifted a subscription to my left-leaning father, and have promoted it here more than once. 

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Weiss has exploded onto the media scene in recent years, not only breaking important stories like the Twitter Files but more importantly, putting together a superb team of heterodox writers willing to break the MSM taboos. 

Weiss’ wife, Nellie Bowles, also writes for The Free Press, having left the Times where they met. Bowles came to the paper as an unabashed leftist immersed in–on the wrong side–cancel culture and on board with the agenda of the Times. 

Then she met Weiss, and her world changed. Not only did she fall in love with Weiss, but she fell out of love with the left. 

Bowles has written a book about her time at the Times and it is destined to be a hit–it already is among the media-disaffected. It is brutally honest about her own flaws, and just as honest about the Times’. It’s called Morning After the Revolution, Dispatches from the Wrong Side of History. 

I have yet to read the book and have only seen excerpts, but I caught the podcast Bari and she did for The Free Press. It is well worth a watch, and there are excerpts on Twitter. 

Dating Weiss opened her eyes. Weiss, as a political moderate and open Zionist, was persona non grata at the Times, even though she was brought in to increase ideological diversity. The Times’ immune system rejected her as a foreign object. 

How foreign? Well, an editor calling an employee of the paper a “Nazi” is likely slander and certainly a violation of the Times’ policies that he was supposed to enforce, so that gives you an idea of just how toxic the Times’ work environment is and how unselfconscious the Leftists are about letting their freak flag fly. 

In any normal world that person, not Weiss, would be gone in an instant. At the Times it was Weiss who had to leave. 

The Times is likely the most influential news outlet in the world, setting the tone and the agenda for most of the MSM. It, like the Associated Press, determines what is covered, how it is covered, and more importantly what is not covered. 

And, as we all know, it is not just in the tank for the Democrats but determines, in a very real sense, the reality that many Americans perceive. Even if they never read the Times. 

We are all familiar with the leftward tilt, but I think many people on the Right were still shocked when the Times became the voice of The Establishment™ during COVID. There were hundreds of topics they could have covered that would have furthered their “Speak Truth to Power” image, but they became the voice of government when it mattered most. 

Literally millions of people were killed, harmed, ruined, or emotionally devastated due to their negligence and malfeasance during the past several years. 

The Times has the resources and still has the talent to do good work, but they have channeled all that into pushing what Trump rightly calls “fake news.” The Steele Dossier was fake. The FBI leaks against Trump were fake. Almost all COVID coverage was fake. 

And they suppressed important stories for political purposes–and ruined the lives not just of us plebs but even of dissenters within their own ranks. They were on a mission to remake America, and they rushed to break eggs to make that omelet. 

I am eager to read her book and review it. It won’t change the world, but it likely will wake some people up. 

That’s good enough for me. Kudos!

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