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Millions of Aussies get payment boost tomorrow

Millions of Australians will see a boost to their payment when an imminent welfare payment indexation comes into force tomorrow.

Couples on the adult pension will have their fortnightly payments increase by $24.70 to $826.70.

pensioners seniors
Australians on income support will see their payments increase from September 20. (Getty)

Jobseeker payments will increase by $56.10 a fortnight to $749.20 for single people aged 22 or more with no children, and by $57.30 a fortnight for those with children to $802.50.

Single people aged 55 or over will also have payments increased to $802.50 after nine months.

Partnered people on Jobseeker will get a $54.80 increase to $686 a fortnight.

Cut-off points for Jobseeker payments will also increase, by between $93.50 and $183.33.

Youth allowance payments and Austudy payments will increase by $40.

Rent assistance for singles will have maximum payments increase to $184.80 a fortnight, while partnered people will see theirs increase to $174.

But the Australian Council of Social Services says the increases are not enough.

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ACOSS said people almost three quarters of people they had surveyed on income support were eating less or skipping meals.

And half of the respondents said the incoming increase would not help at all.

ACOSS called for income support to at least match the pension rate.