LOL, Sure Buddy — NY Times Gets a Neuroscientist to Say Biden Is Merely a Smidge Forgetful

Anybody who is firmly in the “Yeah, the Democrats have to dump Biden before the election” camp might want to pay attention to the number of stories in the mainstream media that are devoted to running interference for our clearly demented president. 

The Democrats’ flying monkeys in the mainstream media have been operating in a truth-free environment for so long that they have no problem telling you that it’s your eyes that are lying and not them. The leftist radicals who are running Biden’s allegedly A-OK brain have their perfect puppet in place and have no plans whatsoever to usher him off of the political stage. 

As 2023 came to a close, I was writing a lot about the fact that the Dem hacks in the media would be hitting an extra gear when creating “functional Joe Biden” fiction as soon as the calendar flipped to 2024. They didn’t even wait until then, but they really have been putting in some extra effort since New Year’s Day. 

The Official Publication of the Democratic National Committee — more familiarly known as The New York Times — enlisted a neuroscientist to assure the American public that Joe Biden’s brain isn’t the functionless pile of bird seed that he continually leads us to believe it is. 

The beginning of the Op-Ed makes it clear that the author knows he has been hired to prop up the thoroughly addled chief executive of the United States.

The New York Times: 

It is normal to be more forgetful as you get older. Broadly speaking, memory functions begin to decline in our 30s and continue to fade into old age. However, age in and of itself doesn’t indicate the presence of memory deficits that would affect an individual’s ability to perform in a demanding leadership role. And an apparent memory lapse may or may not be consequential depending on the reasons it occurred.

There is forgetting and there is Forgetting. If you’re over the age of 40, you’ve most likely experienced the frustration of trying to grasp hold of that slippery word hovering on the tip of your tongue. Colloquially, this might be described as ‘forgetting,’ but most memory scientists would call this “retrieval failure,” meaning that the memory is there, but we just can’t pull it up when we need it. On the other hand, Forgetting (with a capital F) is when a memory is seemingly lost or gone altogether. Inattentively conflating the names of the leaders of two countries would fall in the first category, whereas being unable to remember that you had ever met the president of Egypt would fall into the latter.

Over the course of typical aging, we see changes in the functioning of the prefrontal cortex, a brain area that plays a starring role in many of our day-to-day memory successes and failures. These changes mean that, as we get older, we tend to be more distractible and often struggle to pull up the word or name we’re looking for. Remembering events takes longer and it requires more effort, and we can’t catch errors as quickly as we used to. This translates to a lot more forgetting, and a little more Forgetting.

Those three paragraphs exist solely so that the Biden cheerleader-for-hire can posit that Biden is just “forgetting” and not “Forgetting.” 

This guy better hope that he never has to get a sales job. 

I have done some reading about the “Small f” forgetfulness in the last few years. It’s understandable that it’s more difficult to retrieve things from a brain that has lived a long time and had a lot of information crammed into it. I’m lot younger than Biden and my name retrieval time isn’t as quick as it used to be. 

We all see Biden’s public appearances and don’t need to be neuroscientists to know that there is a lot more going on with him than just an inability to recall names in a timely fashion. 

When Joe Biden was forced by his elder abusing shrew of a wife decided to run for president in 2019, it was more than obvious that there had been some slippage upstairs since he’d wrapped up his Veep gig in 2017. It hadn’t been that long, but the mental decline was noticeable. He did appear to not have fallen off much physically though, if at all. 

This past year, I and many others in conservative media have been writing about his very sudden physical decline as well. There isn’t enough neuroscience in the world to explain away the unfair effects of age on the human body. There is a lot for even the casual Biden observer to be concerned about and a thousand words in the New York Times about why an octogenarian can’t pluck names and dates out of his head with the same acuity as he did in his twenties isn’t going to assuage anyone’s trepidation about this guy’s finger being on the “Launch” button. 

Any launch button. 

The author wanders afield towards a conclusion in a way that made me wonder why he’d just worked so hard to bolster Biden’s image. He brings up some celebrities who are Biden’s age (Harrison Ford, Paul McCartney, and Martin Scorsese), as well as Warren Buffett, who is still large and in charge at Berkshire-Hathaway at the age of 93. He notes that each of these people are at the “top of their professions,” but that he “would not be surprised if they are more forgetful and absent-minded than when they were younger. In other words, an individual’s age does not say anything definitive about their cognitive status or where it will head in the near future.” 

Cool. Thanks for that super-educated hot take, Einstein. 

Why he would pick a group of older people who are firing on all cylinders and still very productive to use as examples of why we shouldn’t judge Biden to harshly makes no sense. If anything, it makes the reader more aware of how awful Biden is by comparison, especially when one thinks about how Warren Buffett is humming along. 

And — newsflash buddy — nobody is thinking about where Biden’s brain “will head in the near future,” because we see where it is now. He is long past the point of Dem media fan boys being able to put lipstick on a pig that’s also suffering from toxic halitosis. This wasn’t even a valiant effort; it was a fool’s errand. 

In the infamous words of the guy who plays president on television: “Come on, man.”

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