Kamala Harris' Potty Mouth Has Critics Clutching Their Pearls

On X, formerly known as Twitter, some netizens suggested that Kamala Harris dropped the F-bomb because she believed it would resonate with young voters. “Surprised to see her get so foul. This is how you know they’re struggling with the youth vote,” wrote conservative podcast host Joey Mannarino. There was also a lot of pearl-clutching from people who found her use of potty language offensive. “Crude and unprofessional. Reeks of desperation,” read one tweet. “This is not Vice President behavior — this is trashy,” complained reporter Anthony Hughes.

Some users pointed out that any members of the MAGA crowd who were criticizing Harris were being just a tad hypocritical, as Donald Trump has been known to drop a dirty word or two. One person reminded Trump supporters of that infamous hot-mic moment that caused a stir, calling them out for losing their minds over a metaphor and ignoring Trump’s boast that he can “grab ’em by the p***y” during a conversation about how he views women.

If Harris wanted her words to hit home with Trump fans, perhaps she needed to deliver them with a scowl instead of a smile. “Holy S***: A Brief History of Swearing” author Melissa Mohr told the New York Times, “We tend to believe people when they swear, because we interpret these words as a sign of strong emotions. In [Trump’s] case, the emotion is often powerful anger, which his supporters seem to love.”

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