Jenna Bush Hager tells Hoda Kotb to take off her bra after wardrobe mishap on ‘Today:’ ‘Free your boobs!’

Hoda Kotb suffered a minor wardrobe mishap on “Today” Thursday. Hoda and Jenna/NBC

Jenna Bush Hager encouraged Hoda Kotb to ditch her bra after it kept peeking out during Thursday’s episode of “Today.”

Although Kotb chose a bright red dress to celebrate the Fourth of July, she admitted that it wasn’t “working” for her mid-way through the episode.

After producers stopped the segment to tell her to “fix” the fashion faux pas, Kotb explained that the bra cups were “too big” and the straps were “too small.”

The 59-year-old said she knew from the second she put on the bra and loose-fitting dress that there would be an issue.

Producers had to tell her to “fix” her top after her bra kept peeking through. Hoda and Jenna/NBC
Kotb explained that her bra was “too big” but the traps were “too small.” Hoda and Jenna/NBC

“You know when you’re like, ‘Everything’s hanging out. It’s not right.’ But you know what, I just decided I’m going to do it,” she explained.

“Have you ever gone to a party and gone, ‘It’s fine.’ And then you spend the whole party pulling and shoving and stuffing? It’s not good.”

Hager could relate to the struggle, noting that there’s nothing worse than wearing something “with too much cleavage” that makes you feel uncomfortable.

“I don’t want it,” Kotb replied. “I don’t want it, it’s too much.”

As a solution, Jenna Bush Hager asked Kotb if she wanted help taking her bra off. Hoda and Jenna/NBC
“Free your boobs, Hoda! It’s time,” Hager said. Hoda and Jenna/NBC

After the mother of two, who kept trying to adjust her top to no avail, said she felt like she was “falling out,” Hager suggested that she just take off her bra.

“You know what you need to do? Next time you just take your bra off,” she suggested. “Would you ever just free your boobs?”

Although Kotb was adamant that she would never go bra-free, the 42-year-old kept trying.

“Free your boobs, Hoda! It’s time,” she exclaimed. “At this point in your life, when you’re almost 60, free your boobs! Let’s free them because if you took your bra off then you wouldn’t have a problem!”

However, Kotb was not interested in Hager’s suggestion.
Despite the short pause, the pair seamlessly launched into the next topic. Getty Images for Empire State Realty Trust

Although Hager clarified that she didn’t want Kotb to strip down “on TV,” she then offered to take it off herself.

“You want me to take your bra off for you?” she asked, noting that she could “do it real quick and slide it through.”

However, her offer resulted in a hard “no” from her co-anchor.

While Kotb prefers to keep covered, Hager is known to ditch her undergarments. The journalist sparked controversy last year after she admitted she prefers to go commando under her clothes.

Hager’s suggestion was very on brand for the TV personality, who has been open about her undergarment preferences in the past. jennabhager/Instagram
The mother of three admitted last year that she rarely wears underwear. Instagram

She revealed earlier this week that she doesn’t care about “walking around naked with [her] kids around.”

However, Hager — who is mom to daughters Mila, 11 and Poppy, 8, and son Hal, 4 — got “defensive” and clarified that she doesn’t do it in a “gross way.”

She explained that she doesn’t just walk around the house sans clothes but that her kids occasionally intrude on “the privacy of [her] bathroom” while she is in her birthday suit.

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