Is Derek Jeter's Wife Really In The Grand Wagoneer Commercial?

In September 2023, Jeep released the second commercial starring Derek Jeter and Hannah Jeter, titled “Drove All Night.” This 30-second spot shows the former MLBer stranded with his private jet grounded due to inclement weather. Meanwhile, Hannah is at home worrying about the storm. Derek drives his Jeep all night until he’s reunited with his wife just before she’s about to bring the kids to school.

The ad actually draws from the couple’s real life. Despite the Jeters’ high profile, they’re very involved in their children’s lives. Apparently, that’s one of the reasons their partnership with Jeep fit like a glove. “A product of such character deserves ambassadors of great character,” said Marissa Hunter, Jeep’s senior vice president of marketing in North America (via The Detroit News).

“We need a lot of room. We need a big trunk. We need a good sound system, as Derek would say, to drown out the noise,” Hannah told E! while making the media rounds after their second commercial was released.

A few months later, Hannah dropped a behind-the-scenes feature from the commercial on her Instagram page. At one point in the footage she is seen giving tips to Derek over a walkie-talkie. “Babe, you’re looking a little shiny,” she advises at one point. Of course, Hannah had gained plenty of experience in that department before becoming Mrs. Jeter.

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