Inside David Bromstad's Wildly Lavish Lifestyle Off-Camera

You may be wondering where David Bromstad lives when he’s not on HGTV. Well, his place of residence is one of the many things that contribute to his lavish lifestyle.

Bromstad has had quite the journey finding his own dream home. After he moved to Orlando, Florida, the designer took his time finding the perfect house, which meant living in an apartment for nearly four years. The pandemic put everything into perspective for the HGTV star, who knew he needed something bigger. Eventually, in 2021, he landed on a five-bedroom, four-bathroom Tudor in Florida. The designer shelled out a hefty sum for the spacious home, with the final price tag hitting $975,000.

The beautiful home didn’t need much work, but surely, the designer was going to add his own personal touches. He shared with HGTV, “Of course, I’m going to put my spin on it. It could have been brand new and I’m still going to tear some things down or paint things or, you know, do something structural.” Bromstad admitted he doesn’t see himself parting ways with the house, even if he may move in the future. With a near million-dollar price tag, we sure hope not!

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