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Hunter’s indictments: Letters to the Editor — Sept. 18, 2023

Hunter’s indictments: Letters to the Editor — Sept. 18, 2023

The Issue: Special counsel David Weiss’ indictment of Hunter Biden on three weapons charges.

Although I’m pretty sure Hunter Biden will not do 25 days in jail, much less 25 years, this is still an important step (“Son of a gun,” Sept. 15).

It puts to rest the lie that “my son has done nothing wrong,” which President Biden has repeatedly averred.

From here, it’s a short walk to wondering what else he’s lying about. Even the most die-hard apologists for the Biden administration must face reality at this point and consider what conservatives have believed all along: Biden is a corrupt, compromised political hack, who has used his son to enrich his family and put our country in danger.

Sharon Wylie

Westport, Conn.

Hunter is indicted on three gun violations. Big deal! This is nothing but a shiny object to distract from the Biden crime family’s real corruption.

Hunter never registered as a lobbyist for foreign interests with Ukraine, Russia and, of course, China, depositing millions of dollars into the Biden coffers.

Foreign Agents Registration Act violations have landed many in jail, but don’t hold your breath when it comes to anyone named “Biden.” Hunter Biden will never spend one day in jail.

Joe Alloy, Wayne, NJ

Hunter ’s indictment on federal gun charges might actually be a behind-the-scenes scheme by Democratic Party power brokers to get President Biden to step aside as a 2024 candidate.

Recent polls show Biden’s policies are very unpopular with majority of voters, and now a number of Republican candidates are beating Biden in head-to-head polls.

The Democrats are loyal to staying in power, not to Biden. Joe can pardon his son for these gun charges and other crimes Hunter likely has committed, but it would seal his defeat as a candidate for 2024, and Joe knows this.

If Special Counsel David Weiss moves for a quick trial, where Hunter will absolutely be convicted, it will force Joe to make a decision sooner rather than later. That is what Democratic power brokers want. Look for Joe to pardon his son and announce he will not seek re-election.

Ed Buttimore

Cedar Grove, NJ

Don’t start celebrating on account of the indictments of Hunter Biden. Those crimes are probably the least egregious of the crimes Hunter allegedly committed.

The Department of Justice is holding back other criminal charges because of his father.

This entire family and administration are totally corrupt. The DOJ has indicted former President Donald Trump on such ridiculous charges and keeps finding more. The ultimate goal is to bankrupt and destroy him and his family. Disgusting.

Meanwhile, the Biden organization keeps getting away with provable lies and alleged crimes.

So far, this is just a show to appease the public’s concerns. I do not buy it.

Jean Cole

Juno Beach, Fla.

Get ready for Joe Biden to start wandering around Greenwich Village in a bathrobe and hat as investigations regarding Hunter’s dealings start closing in.

He’s working that delusional angle hard.

Lee Hoffman

Lakewood Ranch, Fla.

The Hunter Biden indictment is nothing more than smoke and mirrors.

The charges brought by the Justice Department are the only accusations in this whole Biden investigation that have nothing to do with the “big guy.” This doesn’t impact Joe one iota.

The whole purpose of this sham indictment is to present the corrupted DOJ as fair and impartial and to show that it’s not protecting the Bidens, but you can rest assured the DOJ is still protecting Joe.

Bo Madden

Jupiter, Fla.

Hunter was indicted for buying a Colt Cobra .38 special revolver.

The photo on page four of The Post shows Hunter carrying a semi-automatic pistol, which could never be mistaken for a revolver.

When will the special counsel indict Hunter on the possession of the pistol?

Christopher Denton


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