BREAKING: Photos of Cocaine Found at White House Released... And I Have Questions

Ever since Hunter Biden was rapidly found guilty on gun charges in Delaware last month, he and his lawyers have seemed to be engaging in a game of chicken with the prosecutors and the judge. I’m starting to lose track of the number of times they have requested a new trial, only to withdraw the request later. Now it’s happened again. The first request was filed almost immediately after the conviction, only to be withdrawn within a couple of hours. The latest request lasted a bit longer, with Hunter’s team claiming that the judge in the case didn’t have the appropriate jurisdiction. But the prosecutors responded by pointing out that all of the steps had been followed. They have accused Hunter and his lawyers of “failing to read” the previous court orders and having a fundamental “misunderstanding of the appellate practice.” That’s going to leave a mark. (NY Post)

First son Hunter Biden dropped his attempt at a new trial Tuesday after federal prosecutors ripped him for “misunderstanding of appellate practice” and “failure to read” prior court orders.

The 54-year-old, who was convicted June 11 of three counts related to lying about his drug addiction to obtain a firearm, had filed his motion for a new trial June 24, claiming Delaware federal Judge Maryellen Noreika didn’t have jurisdiction over the trial — known as a mandate — because of pending rulings in his appeals case.

However, prosecutors from special counsel David Weiss’ office pointed out in their Monday response that the Philadelphia-based Third Circuit Court of Appeals had already given Noreika the go-ahead to try the first son — a detail missed by Hunter and his lawyers.


I’m not an attorney (and I don’t even play one on television) but that seems like a rather significant detail to miss. Hunter Biden has a serious legal team representing him. After all, he can afford the best with his share of all of that Burisma money and his “sugar brother” pumping millions into his coffers all of the time. Hunter is allegedly an attorney himself, though it’s hard to imagine anyone hiring that crackhead to represent them. How did this happen?

I suppose it’s possible that they simply missed those important details. They clearly agree with the findings of the prosecution and the judge or they wouldn’t have withdrawn the demand for a new trial… again. But I can’t escape the feeling that there might still be something else going on in the background. Call me a conspiracy theorist if you like, but it doesn’t seem out of the question that Hunter is just stalling for time and dragging this out as long as possible. If this case fails on appeal and makes it to sentencing, he could be immediately locked up for a considerable period of time. And he has another trial on even more serious tax fraud felonies in California coming up.

But if I’m right, what is the benefit of stalling? As we previously discussed, Hunter Biden appears to be running his father’s schedule at the White House and taking charge of many day-to-day decisions. As long as he can prevent Joe Biden from leaving office voluntarily, he likely feels confident that he can convince his dad to either pardon him or at least commute his sentence to avoid any jail time if he is convicted or sentenced. In fact, I would bet a shiny nickel that this is precisely his thinking at this point. It’s true that Joe Biden has repeatedly said that he wouldn’t interfere in the process and take either action, but so what? Joe Biden has lied constantly since taking office. I doubt one more whopper would slow him down in the slightest. We are told repeatedly that he prioritizes his family above all else and I simply can’t imagine him allowing the Crackhead-in-Chief to be carted off to a cell in an orange jumpsuit.

Perhaps I’m wrong about all of this. I’d love to be proven incorrect. Hunter was clearly as guilty as sin in the gun charge case and there’s almost no way the IRS could fail to prove the tax evasion charges, despite David Weiss’ best efforts to allow them to expire in the past. I would be forced to grudgingly admit that Joe Biden was demonstrating a streak of integrity if he allowed the wheels of justice to roll over the First Son if those are the final findings. But I’m not getting my hopes up. The Biden crime family will stick together to the bitter end in my opinion. Neither Joe Biden, his brother, nor his son will ever be held to account if he can prevent it. 

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