House Judiciary Reveals Scope of Conspiracy to Silence Conservatives--It's HUGE

Have you heard of GARM?

It’s the World Advertising Council’s initiative called the Global Alliance for Responsible Media, and it is the nexus of the conspiracy to silence and defund conservatives in the public sphere, primarily through promoting censorship and restricting advertising dollars flowing to conservative media outlets. 

As I have told you many times, conservative media outlets like Hot Air, Townhall Media, The Daily Wire, the Joe Rogan Experience (not quite liberal or conservative) and even RealClearPolitics (which is not conservative or liberal but mostly an aggregator of information and links) have been targeted for elimination by the Establishment. 

The House Judiciary Committee is now releasing the receipts, and the scope of the effort is greater than most people can imagine. 

The report is damning, as are the hearings being held as I write this. 

The Committee on the Judiciary has jurisdiction over the “[p]rotection of trade and commerce against unlawful restraints and monopolies.”1 In exercising oversight of the adequacy and sufficiency of existing U.S. antitrust laws, the Committee has been investigating apparent collusion within the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) and specifically its Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM) initiative. Through GARM, large corporations, advertising agencies, and industry associations participated in boycotts and other coordinated action to demonetize platforms, podcasts, news outlets, and other content deemed disfavored by GARMand its members. This collusion can have the effect of eliminating a variety of content and viewpoints available to consumers.Created by WFA in 2019,2 GARM quickly amassed tremendous market power in the advertising industry.3 Among other data points:• WFA members represent roughly 90% of global advertising spend, or almost one trillion dollars annually.4• GARM includes every major advertising agency holding company in its ranks and includes the world’s largest media buying agency, GroupM, on its Steer Team.5• GARM’s Steer Team, which acts as a board of directors and is also closely involved in GARM’s day-to-day operations, includes four large corporations (Unilever, Mars, Diageo, and Procter & Gamble) that spend billions annually on advertising.6• GARM reports to the WFA Executive Committee, which must endorse GARM’s work and includes representatives from AB InBev, L’Oréal, Nestlé, IBM, as well as many more large corporations and household name brands.7GARM calls itself “an industry first effort that unites marketers, media agencies, media platforms, industry associations, and advertising technology solutions providers to safeguard the potential of digital media by reducing the availability and monetization of harmful content online.”8

I’m not going to summarize the report because it is too long, has too many examples, and mostly because it is so jam-packed with information that you really should read it yourself. It isn’t padded, even at 39 pages; there is just too much information to summarize more than the report already does. 

The bottom line is this: GARM is a politically motivated effort by Leftists who control hundreds of billions of advertising dollars. They use their power to bully platforms to silence opinions that break their Narrative™, campaigned to destroy Twitter after Elon Musk bought it (at one point successfully getting 80% of the ad revenue to leave), and strip media outlets like ours of the opportunity to monetize our content through advertisements from major corporations. 

That is their mission, and they execute it will. 

Jim Jordan, the Chair of the Judiciary Committee, is pursuing an antitrust action against GARM and the World Advertising Council, charging them with collusion. This seems like a pretty obvious case, to the extent that any legal case can be obvious (which is hardly at all!). I assume a Trump Justice Department would pursue it vigorously, as they should. 

GARM, by the way, is a flagship project of the World Economic Forum, so it should be no surprise that writers like Hot Air and I are in the crosshairs. Every time we take on the WEF, we offend the very organization that controls 90% of the advertising dollars in the world. 

This is why I keep pounding on readers to sign up for our VIP program. We like to keep our content free and indeed provide almost all of it without a paywall because everybody needs to hear what we have to say, but it is our members who make that possible. We do get advertising revenue, but we are locked out of the big market because we tell the truth. 

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