High-class escort dishes on men who pay thousands to sleep with her instead of their wives

A high-class Queensland escort has revealed the top five reasons married men are paying $1,500 an hour to have sex with her while their wives and kids are at home.

Gold Coast based sex worker and adult film star Bonnie Blue says she never judges married men for seeking out her services, but instead places blame on their wives for “moaning too much” and for “not knowing how to pleasure their husbands”.

The 25-year-old says she loves the “freedom and flexibility” of her work, along with the money, with the blonde charging $1500 per hour or $7500 for an overnight stay.

She claims her average income is $20,000 a day, going up to $50,000 a day at peak periods. Bonnie says she has raked in over $2 million in the last year.

Her clients are wildly varied in their professions, nationalities and ages, with some as young as 18 while others are over 65.

The 25-year old charges men $1500 per hour to sleep with her.

However one common theme, she says, is the amount of men in relationships that are paying her for sex. She says that at least 1 in 3 of her clients are married men.

“I have been an escort for about a year and really enjoy the freedom, flexibility, and money,” Bonnie told news.com.au.

“It never feels like a job. I get paid to receive pleasure and for that, I’ll be forever grateful.

“I have always had such a mixture of clients, from fans to married men who just want a little break from their hectic day to day lives.

“I don’t blame husbands for booking an escort at all. I blame the wife.

“More women should learn how to pleasure their men, moan a little less and maybe I wouldn’t have so many visits from their husband.”

Bonnie has now revealed five of the most common reasons that married men are paying her for sex — including simply that she is “hotter than their wives”.

Bonnie encourages wives to learn how to “pleasure their men.” Instagram / @bonnie_blue_xo

“The first major reason is that their wives are not pleasuring their husbands the way they want to be pleasured,” she explained.

“The second reason could be that they just want a distraction from the stresses of daily life.

“Seeing me is a stress release, and then they can go back to their families and be a better husband and dad.

“The third is that they might simply be bored of sleeping with the same person for so long and they want some excitement.

“The fourth reason is that sleeping with a porn star is honestly such a fantasy for so many people, so sleeping with me can bring that dream to life.

“And the final reason is that I’m hotter than their wife. It’s that simple.”

Bonnie shared that many married men will open up to her about the issues they are experiencing with their wives at home, offering her a unique insight into why they might seek out her services in the first place.

While at first, many men will try and hide the fact that they are married, she reassures them that she is non-judgemental and that it is a safe place to chat about their feelings if they need to.

“Men will tell me about their marriages all the time,” she said.

“They will often try and hide the fact that they are married by taking off their wedding ring.

“But soon they realise I am very down to earth and they open up about their marriage. They understand I’m not judging them which allows them to be open and honest.

“The most common issues that I hear are about the lack of sex with their partner, not making time for one another, not communicating and not reaching one another’s needs.”

Bonnie is originally from Derby in the UK but made the move over to the sunny Gold Coast three years ago.

She said she loves the “beach lifestyle and outdoorsy adventures” Australia has to offer in comparison to her home.

The most common issue Bonnie sees with her clients’ relationships at home is lack of communication as well as lack of sex. Instagram / @bonnie_blue_xo

The Queenslander said she is not phased by negativity or criticism regarding her life and career choices, while also slamming some of the common stereotypes that people have about those working in the sex industry.

“Just because we have sex for a living doesn’t mean we have ‘daddy issues’ or a lack of intelligence,” she said.

“We provide a service that most people would do for free.”

Schoolies fame

Bonnie made waves last year after sharing that she slept with over 122 barely legal college boys in the Mexican city of Cancun during Spring Break, a US tradition where students take time off from their studies, usually to party and have fun.

She also slept with “almost as many” boys on the Gold Coast during schoolies at the end of 2023, which attracted major criticism due to her being older than those she was sleeping with.

But Bonnie said she always ensured those she had sex with were of age by making them provide proof of their identity, as well as sign consent forms and conducting sobriety checks.

Bonnie infamously had sex with 122 men during Spring Break. Instagram / @bonnie_blue_xo

She and Brisbane-based content creator Leilani May, 25, invited the 18-year-old school leavers into their Surfers Paradise accommodation to take part in adult videos to post online.

Along with the checks, they also gave them the option to keep their faces off-camera.

“A lot of people have an issue with the fact these people are 18,” Bonnie told the Gold Coast Bulletin in response to the backlash.

“The negative comments are like, ‘What if they’re 17?’. They’re not 17, we check ID, we have a process – they are consenting and they are signing consent forms.

“As for any ‘barely legal’ comments – there’s no in-between with the law, when it comes to legal age, it’s black and white.

“The fact people are trying to pretend there’s a grey area and go ‘what if’ – squish your what if because that is not the case.

“People that have an issue with age haven’t got an issue with us, they’ve got an issue with the law.”

For her next adventure, Bonnie plans to take on ‘Freshers’ Week’ – the first week of university term for British students in the UK – when she heads back to England for a visit later this year.

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