CNN's Own Poll Finds Few Believe Trump Is Being Treated the Same As Other Defendants

Too bad photographers were booted from the courtroom where the Trump bookkeeping trial is underway, as this could have been a photo for the ages. Seated behind Trump for at least part of the court session on Tuesday was a phalanx of supporters from Congress and his former presidential campaign foes.

Sens. Rick Scott and J.D. Vance and Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton have previously attended the trial to lend support to Trump. Tuesday brought out a bumper crop of Washington Congressional reps and others. 

House Speaker Mike Johnson and Florida Reps. Byron Donalds and Cory Mills trekked to New York, along with GOP former presidential candidates Vivek Ramaswamy and Doug Burgum. Eric and Lara Trump, who were also there, sent out a group photo to say thanks.

Outside the courtroom, Trump’s supporters were able to say what he cannot because of the judge’s gag order. Someone set up a podium and each politician took a turn to denounce the prosecution. 

Byron Donalds said, “Look around New York. New York has got plenty of issues. You’ve got NYPD’s finest down because of the travesty going on in that courtroom.”

Speaker Mike Johnson said, “anyone with common sense can see what’s happening here.” He called it a “sham of a trial” that “disgusts” him as a litigator. 

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Johnson took particular umbrage at the gag order that’s keeping Trump quiet during the sweet spot of the presidential campaign. He said the “judicial system has been weaponized against President Trump.” 

Former presidential contender Vivek Ramaswamy said that the Justice Department has forgotten its mandate of equal protection under the law.

Florida Congressman Cory Mills explained that what Trump is charged with isn’t against the law. 

Former presidential contender Doug Burgum, who is the governor of South Dakota, said, “the American people have already acquitted Donald Trump,” as evidenced by the polls. 

For a long time, it has been just Trump, his lawyers, and his family at his side. Now the politicians are bringing the heft of their congressional political capital to spend on the former president. Will anyone notice? 

Photographers had been allowed to capture photos for a few short minutes before court got underway every day, but that was scuttled when one of them wandered into a no-go zone. The bailiff who booted them out dropped the hammer on them last Thursday. The media were already upset over the fact that cameras weren’t allowed to record the trial and the platoon-like conditions under which they are allowed to report from inside the courtroom. 

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