Top Democrats Call on Party Members to Stop Denigrating VP Harris

The West African country of Ghana is experiencing some severe economic and political turbulence. It has an unstable power grid and the government is in the midst of a protracted financial crisis that has sent inflation rates surging above 50%. Ghana’s Finance Minister, Ken Ofori-Atta, recently traveled to Beijing to negotiate financial assistance from the Chinese, who are very interested in expanding their foothold on the African continent. This situation clearly calls for some swift, competent action by the United States to prevent Xi Jinping from further expanding his global alliance against America. So who did we send to get this situation under control? Kamala Harris. I’ll give everyone a moment to slam their heads into their desks before reading this report from the BBC.

Vice-President Kamala Harris starts her nine-day trip in Ghana before moving on to Tanzania and Zambia.

Ghana, with its focus on strengthening ties with the African diaspora as well as a record of several peaceful democratic transfers of power, provides an ideal launchpad for Ms Harris.

Her trip, according to an official statement, is intended to “build on” December’s US-Africa summit in Washington where President Joe Biden said the US was “all in on Africa’s future”.

Ghana is in the same position as Zambia (also on Harris’ travel itinerary) in that it fell deeply into debt during the pandemic and has been seeking to restructure that debt under more favorable terms. Zambia actually defaulted on its debt last year. China is poised to be a willing partner in terms of financial relief.

Ghana’s Finance Minister pointed out that it is “unclear” what sort of substantial help Kamala Harris could offer. The veep can’t simply appropriate funds on her own and it’s doubtful that Congress will want to sink too much cash into a country that the IMF is balking at helping further because of the government’s instability.

I suppose that’s where the whole “charm offensive” idea comes into play. When Harris gets to Tanzania she will meet with President Samia Suluhu Hassan who is that nation’s first female head of state. I suppose they can chat about all the glass ceilings they’ve been breaking. But what are Africa’s leaders going to think of the United States if Harris starts cackling in her usual, disturbing fashion at inappropriate times and launches into another speech about Venn diagrams that leaves her translators struggling for words?

Is this really the best we can do? Keep in mind that Harris’ only other official excursion abroad took her to the Northern Triangle region of Central America to deal with the border crisis and migration issues. And you’ve already seen how well that worked out. (Sarcasm) Now she will be asked to fend off China in its bid to draw another part of the world that is rich in natural resources into its web. What could possibly go wrong?

Just as a reminder, here is a collection of times when the Veep responded under pressure in a strikingly bizarre fashion. And this is the person who is going to outsmart China.

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