Two workers at a church daycare in Georgia have been charged in a child abuse case for allegedly slamming around a 3-year-old boy in a caught-on-video incident.

The Clarkston Police Department issued arrest warrants Friday for Bernetta Glover and Autumn Coney on charges of cruelty to children in the first degree stemming from a July 6 incident at Clarkston First Baptist Academy.

The women allegedly slammed the little boy to the floor, pulled him up by his hair, threw him into a corner and slapped and punched him multiple times, according to a police report obtained by Fox 5 Atlanta.

The boy’s mother, Krystin Collier, said her son had new bruises and was visibly upset when his grandmother picked him up from the daycare on July 6 in interviews with local news stations.

In the video, the woman can be seen getting in the face of one of the children and the other stepping on a child’s fingers.

“This day, he was very, very emotional, standoffish. He was missing a shoe; he was very disheveled,” Collier told CBS46 News.

The concerned mom immediately sensed something went wrong at the church daycare and requested to see video footage from a camera inside the facility that day.

The daycare turned over the video on July 13 and what Collier saw left her feeling sick.

“One of the teachers picks up my son from one side of her body and slams him to the other side of her body, I guess to make him sit down,” Collier told WSB-TV Atlanta.

The video, shared by Collier to WSB-TV, reportedly shows a teacher picking up Collier’s son and aggressively throwing him to the ground.

“The staff punched my child in the face, grab him by his ponytail, and led him around like it’s a leash. I watched her grab him by his top ponytail, slam him against the wall, punch him in the face,” Collier told CBS46.

The mom immediately pulled her son out of the daycare program and called police.

She said she thought she could trust a church to take care of her son.

The alleged abusers are accused of punching, grabbing a. child by the ponytail, and leading a child around on a leash.
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“I’m very disgusted, very disappointed, because this is a church daycare,” Collier told WSB-TV. “I trusted these people with my child.”

Collier has hired a lawyer to seek justice.

“From what I saw on this tape, there is no question that the church is liable for the injuries, the emotional abuse,” her attorney Jackie Patterson said.

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