FFS: If It's Not Explicitly Leftist, It's 'Far Right'

Europeans have had enough with open borders, rising crime, Islamism, and especially their elites. 

They haven’t been saying so by rioting, breaking things, or through roving bands of immigrant bashers. They went to the polls and voted in some new representatives in the European Parliament, dumping the farther left parties and increasing the share of immigration skeptics. 


Predictably the worldwide media is going crazy, screaming about how the “far Right” is taking over in Europe, presumably a harbinger of a Nazi takeover of the continent. 

Hardly. In fact, while the right increased its share of representatives, Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission and the lead candidate of the European People’s Party (EPP) will still lead the largest faction in the EU. 

Too bad. But so it goes. 

The electoral collapse of the open borders left is hardly surprising, at least to anybody who understands that ordinary people don’t like people roaming the streets shouting about Sharia law, killing Jews, and restructuring European society to please medievalists who see terrorists as martyrs and women as targets for sexual assaults. 

The election is leading to a seismic shift in the balance of power–a shift with as yet unknown but likely relatively mild consequences in the grand scheme of things. The Greens lost big, AfD in Germany surged, and Marine LePen’s party did so well that Emmanuel Macron is calling for snap elections in France. 

I guess that visit with Biden was bad luck. Big surprise. 

It wasn’t just Macron who took it on the chin. None of the ruling coalition parties in Scholz’s coalition did as well as the immigration-skeptical AfD, and in Belgium the election results were disastrous for the ruling party. 

Italy’s leader Giorgia Meloni has cemented her role as a key Brussels power broker with an estimated 26-30% of the votes, while in France, President Emmanuel Macron has performed so badly he’s been pushed to call snap elections.

A first estimate of election results produced by the European Parliament suggests the Green and liberal Renew parties each losing around 20 MEPs each, potentially endangering the pro-European majority needed to back top officials and support EU laws.

The second projection, produced after all polls closed, shows the Green party taking just 52 MEPs, compared to 72 in March 2024.

Renew, spearheaded by Macron, fell from 102 seats to 80, the figures suggest, leading the President to take the surprising move of dissolving the country’s National Assembly.

That collapse is accompanied by rising support for the extreme parties, even if some of those have not yet been allocated to political groups.

In France, projections suggest the far-right National Rally (RN) party, has secured a whopping 31.5% of the votes — more than twice the number gained by Macron, who released a message on Twitter.

The message was essentially “I hear you.” We’ll have to see if that means he understands. 

Vivek Ramaswamy hit the nail on the head in response to the weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth we are witnessing coming from the Internationalist Left:

There is nothing “far right” about what is happening; it is a correction from a leftward lurch in which the ruling elites abandoned the European working classes and adopted the radical anti-growth, anti-farming, and pro-immigration policies that have been immiserating people. 

It’s not like there haven’t been ample warnings that this revolt was coming. People have been making their feelings known, begged for relief from these policies, and have been rebuffed. 

And Europeans, unlike the hundreds of thousands of Hamas supporters who have been pouring into the streets shouting their disdain for the natives, made their feelings known at the ballot box. 

That’s how we do it in civilized countries–and the Left hates that. 

So they scream insults at their own citizens. Is it any surprise that the ordinary voters decided to find new representatives?

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