Fans are thirsting over JFK’s grandson, Jack Schlossberg, after he’s named Vogue political correspondent

Internet users lusted over Jack Schlossberg after the grandson of John F. Kennedy was named Vogue’s new political correspondent. REUTERS

Fans are thirsting over John F. Kennedy’s grandson after he was named Vogue’s new political correspondent.

The fashion magazine announced on Thursday that Jack Schlossberg — the only grandson of JFK and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis — will be covering the upcoming 2024 presidential election.

“I am inspired by my family’s legacy of public service. I take that very seriously and I want to contribute in my own way,” Schlossberg, 31, told Vogue in an article published Wednesday. “I have big dreams, but I also know that I’m trying to make a positive impact today.”

“I am inspired by my family’s legacy of public service. I take that very seriously and I want to contribute in my own way,” Schlossberg said of the new journalism position. Nathan Congleton/NBC via Getty Images
The Harvard grad has already captured an audience on TikTok. @jackuno

The self-described “silly goose,” who earned his JD and MBA from Harvard, plans on covering the tense race in the same light-hearted manner and charm he’s displayed in his viral TikTok videos.

“If you’re going to ask people to think about something serious, you need to make it entertaining or fun,” Schlossberg said, noting that’s what “all the great leaders” do.

“You can’t just hammer people with how bad stuff is. You’ve got to bring some positivity and good energy to the things you think are important. That’s the only strategy I have.”

Schlossberg described himself as a “silly goose.” jackuno/Instagram
The young journalist’s IG was flooded with thirsty messages from fans following the announcement of his new role. jackuno/Instagram

While Schlossberg emphasized his progressive, left-leaning political stance, it was his striking looks that caught the internet’s interest.

Vogue shared several Instagram photos of a smoldering Schlossberg prancing around his new office and fans quickly flooded the comments section to lust over his looks.

“I’d risk the Kennedy curse for him,” one person commented on the post, referring to the horrible deaths, accidents and assassinations that have plagued the family over the years.

“I’d risk the Kennedy curse for him,” one person commented on an Instagram slideshow of him. AFP via Getty Images
“literally why am I blushing????” another person asked. Jack Schlossberg

“Give him the cover next time,” a second person suggested.

“It’s giving nate archibald working for the spectator,” a third said, referencing Chase Crawford’s role in “Gossip Girl.”

“literally why am I blushing????” someone else asked.

Schlossberg is the only son of Caroline Kennedy. Lawrence Schwartzwald
Caroline is the daughter of JFK and Jackie Kennedy. Bettmann Archive

“I’ll be his Marilyn,” another joked, calling back to JFK’s alleged affair with Marilyn Monroe.

“Addicted to this young man,” a fan gushed.

“Bring more hot people to the conde nast office,” someone demanded, with another writing, “i’ll be his Jackie right f–king now.”

“Literally protect this man at all cost,” another netizen added.

Schlossberg is the only grandson of the former president. Getty Images
Schlossberg, seen here with his mom in 2017, would not comment on his relationship status. WireImage

It’s unclear whether Schlossberg is currently in a relationship. He told the magazine “no comment” when asked if he was dating anyone.

However, he did offer some insight into his personal life, sharing that he loves watersports and ballet, and that he always keeps fresh flowers in his home.

Jack is the youngest of three children to Caroline Kennedy and her husband, Edwin Schlossberg. Caroline is also mom to daughters Rose, 36, and Tatiana, 34.

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