Ex-con rapper who worked with Lil Wayne and Gucci Mane must get future lyrics approved by judge to match ‘goals of rehab’

An ex-con rapper who’s worked with everyone from Lil Wayne to Gucci Mane has been ordered to submit his future songs to a judge before release to make sure they match his “goals of rehabilitation.”

BG, a k a Christopher Dorsey, of Louisiana, was arrested in March after performing in Las Vegas with rapper Boosie, also a convicted felon, the Guardian reported.

Prosecutors said BG’s appearance violated the 43-year-old “Bling Bling’’ rapper’s terms of supervised release on previous gun charges because he is supposed to “refrain from … associating unnecessarily with’’ felons.

Rapper BG was ordered last week to submit his future lyrics to a judge because she said she needs to keep him headed toward his “goals of rehabilitation.” Getty Images
The rapper got into trouble at a recent performance with hip-hopper Boosie over his lyrics seemingly glorifying two murderers. Getty Images

BG, short for “Baby Gangsta,’’ also shouldn’t have been publicly espousing lyrics touting two men who are serving life behind bars for several murders in a drug- and gang-tied case because they are “inconsistent with the goals of rehabilitation,” the prosecutors said, according to the outlet.

The hip-hopper — who was a teen when he started recording with Cash Money Records’ Hot Boys group along with rappers Wayne and Juvenile — was sentenced to 14 years in prison in 2012 after being caught with three guns in his car, two of which were stolen.

Since getting out of prison last year, he recorded the album “Choppers & Bricks” with Grammy nominee Mane, also an ex-con felon.

Federal Judge Susie Morgan issued Friday’s order forcing BG to submit future lyrics to her after ruling that prosecutors had “legitimate’’ concerns about him falling off the rehabilitation route.

New Orleans Judge Susie Morgan will be reviewing BG’s future lyrics. AP

The rapper’s lawyers had argued that the move constituted “unconstitutional prior restraint of free speech.”

The judge also said the hip-hopper has to request to work with felons before he does so.

BG has about another year and a half of supervised release stemming from the gun conviction.

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