Dozens of drivers are colliding with trams each week in Melbourne, with exclusive new footage showing the dangers of cars getting too close.

To help prevent crashes and near-misses, “separation kerbing” is being rolled out across the city.

The first roads to be upgraded will be in Melbourne’s CBD.

Dozens of drivers are colliding with trams each week in Melbourne. (Nine)
Exclusive new footage shows the dangers of cars getting too close to trams. (Nine)

Yarra Trams chief executive Julien Dehornoy said around 20 vehicles collided with trams each week.

“It’s very often we see a car turning right in front of a tram. That’s the most frequent incident,” he said.

“When a car is turning right and forcing the tram to stop, with passengers. There’s very often a passenger that falls.

“For older passengers, this can be quite dangerous.”

To reduce the accidents the state government is rolling out more separation kerbs – raised dividers running along tram lines.

Each week around 20 vehicles were colliding with trams. (Nine)

Public Transport Minister Ben Carroll said the dividers make “traffic flow smoother and flow safer”.

“Trams can’t swerve, they’re full of passengers and it’s vitally important that you stay in your lane,” he said.

Carroll said kerbing already rolled out on Collins Street is making a difference.

“There is around a 30 per cent reduction of incidents on Collins Street by rolling out the separated curbing,” he said.

The roadworks to install the separation kerbing will be carried out across Melbourne over the next three months.

Motorbike or car – who gives way?

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