Donna D’Errico Flaunts Her Sunned Buns In ‘Pretty’ Pink Lingerie

Actress Donna D’Errico is putting her sunned buns on display in her “pretty” pink lingerie!

Although a few of her followers may dub her lingerie posts as “raunchy,” the 54-year-old actress doesn’t think her sultry snaps are any different from what people see in Victoria’s Secret… and it really isn’t!

Donna D’Errico Poses In ‘Pretty’ Pink Lingerie: ‘If This Is Raunchy Then So Is Victoria’s Secret’

Donna D'Errico in pink lingerie
Instagram | Donna D’Errico

In her latest Instagram post, the “Baywatch” star shared a sultry snap that featured her posing in pink lingerie. She leans back against a doorway and treats her followers to a tasteful view of her sunned buns as she poses with her arms bent at an angle beside her body.

In the caption, Donna wrote, “If this is raunchy then so is @victoriassecret. I think this is pretty.” Donna recently joined TikTok, sharing her latest red hot bikini video, but it seems that she didn’t quite get the reaction that she had hoped for.

Donna D'Errico explains why Instagram took down her OnlyFans promo
Instagram | Donna D’Errico

“My very first post on TikTok and everyone goes nuts are you serious,” she continued. “Will all the smut that’s out there? People kill me. I’m laughing.” She added “Link in bio!” to remind her followers to check out her OnlyFans page for more steamy lingerie snaps.

Fans were quick to agree with Donna. “I don’t see how this is raunchy when I’ve seen way worse. This is art and beautiful,” one fan commented. “Donna, you done broke the Internet, again! Good for you!! You look awesome,” another follower gushed. “The internet is infested with both good and bad. It’s unfortunate that people cannot or will not recognize beauty. You go girl, if you got it, then show it,” a third fan chimed in.

So What Bikini ‘Thirst Trap’ Did Donna Post On TikTok?

Donna D’Errico Shows Off Her New Red Hot Bathing Suit Line
Instagram | Donna D’Errico

About a week ago, the “Frank and Penelope” actress took to Instagram to share a video of her posing in a red hot drawstring bikini. She turns left and right in front of the camera while words like “Thirst Trap,” “Dad Bod,” Beach Time,” and “Are You In?” line the frame of the video.

“Here’s my modeling my new line of bathing suits for women over 50. Follower me for more AARP tips,” she joked in the caption, adding, “Link in bio.” One fan asked, “Is it rude or sexist in today’s world to say wow you look great??” Donna was quick to reply, “Nope! Thank you!!”

Donna D’Errico Shows Off Her New Red Hot Bathing Suit Line
Instagram | Donna D’Errico

“You are just as beautiful now as you were at 25!” another follower gushed. “Wow! You are an inspirational woman, Donna, what a body!!!” a third fan chimed in. “Donna, you look absolutely amazing in this two-piece bikini and you have such a gorgeous figure. Don’t ever let anyone put you down for how you look!” another follower added.

“No numbers needed. Hot is hot,” another fan wrote. “Donna, you are BEYOND beautiful,” another follower gushed. “You are ALWAYS my favorite! You look fantastic as always, Donna!” another fan agreed. “You are so sexy, Donna, you are perfect,” another follower shared as fans showered her post with heart-eye and fire emojis.

The Compliments Weren’t Flowing Over On TikTok!

@donnaderricoI’ve had this account for awhile and never posted anything. Here’s my first post. I hope you like it.♬ Ojai – Ray LaMontagne

Only one day after she shared her post on Instagram, she decided to start using her TikTok account to post her videos. “I’ve had this account for a while and never posted anything,” she wrote in the caption. “Here’s my first post. I hope you like it.”

Although there were a few trolls that told Donna that she was “too old” to wear a bikini at 54, many fans stood up for her and showered her post with positive comments. “OMG, Donna! What are your jealous naysayers talking about? You look incredible!” one fan commented. “In fact, as good as your Baywatch days. Keep the posts coming!”

Donna D'Errico at the Frank and Penelope - Los Angeles Premiere

“Ignore all the jealous haters, please… OMG,” another follower gushed. “A lot of hard work goes into a fit body. Don’t ever let anyone make you feel bad for that!” another fan chimed in. “I don’t always comment 2x on posts but it must be said… keep doing what it is. Ignore the trolls. Us gen Xers are trying to look young and live long,” another follower shared.

Interested in more Donna D’Errico content? In another recent Instagram post, she posed braless underneath her thin white crop top. Fans can check out those sultry snaps by clicking here!

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