Disney's Killed Star Wars With Absurd Identity Politics in 'The Acolyte'

Despite Disney’s recent string of box office failures leading to concerned shareholder calls with Bob Iger, the company has continued circling the drain of wokeness with its content. This is especially evident in the new Disney+ show, “Star Wars: The Acolyte.” The show features a non-white cast of Jedi investigating a mystery centered around a black woman with two moms, adding pronoun lectures in case that wasn’t enough to turn off fans. It only gets worse from there, and ratings reveal fans have tuned out of Star Wars entirely because of it. 

The Acolyte is created by Leslye Headland, a former assistant of Harvey Weinstein. In an odd and Weinstein-esque manner, Headland cast her lesbian lover as one of the Jedi in the show, a woman whose acting in “The Acolyte” was panned as atrocious by fans. On top of it, the lead actress, Amandla Stenberg, calls herself “non-binary” and tells the media she uses “she/they” pronouns in a cynical effort to capitalize off the recent LGBTQ trends. 

It doesn’t bother fans that these people exist, as the current woke mob likes to try to convince normal people. Headland and Stenberg have repeatedly given interviews bragging about their queerness and laughing about “The Acolyte” being “the gayest Star Wars” while making bizarre claims like R2D2 is a lesbian.

Headland spoke at Star Wars: Celebrations last year to confirm this show would be riddled with identity politics, saying, “And I thought, ‘Gosh, I would love to make something like this, for lack of a better term, Disney.’ Meaning something that, like, my parents would have allowed me to see when I was younger as a queer person, but I would have been able to understand as a queer person. And I think I would have had a completely different life. And so I really was inspired by it and was like, ‘God, I would love to make a story like this.’”

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The media has gone on a tour attacking Star Wars fans as racist, sexist, and homophobic in an effort to promote the show. This was also fueled by Headland giving an interview on the topic of fans who oppose wokeness, saying, “I stand by my empathy for ‘Star Wars’ fans, but I want to be clear. Anyone who engages in bigotry, racism, or hate speech … I don’t consider a fan.”

How has Disney’s press tour attacking Star Wars fans and promoting the LGBTQ agenda paid off for “The Acolyte”? When Disney initially released its internal ratings, it became clear only 3% of Disney+ subscribers had watched the show. This was followed up with a Rotten Tomatoes audience score that, as of this writing, has the show at only 26%, the lowest Star Wars has ever received.

It gets worse from there, with ratings numbers for the first five days of its release. The Acolyte has underperformed compared to the last Star Wars TV series, “Ahsoka,” a live-action show that also featured a strong black female lead. 

The two-episode premiere of “Ahsoka” garnered 14 million views over the first five days of its release last year, but “The Acolyte’s” viewership is down to 11.1 million, marking a 20% drop in Star Wars viewership.

With the bad audience reviews and low ratings, the media is scrambling to defend Disney. But the message from viewers is clear: Star Wars fans have had enough of the identity politics and aren’t going to watch just because it has the brand name attached. 

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