Attorneys Make the Case That Disney's Free Speech Claim Against Florida Is Baseless

James O’Keefe dropped a 20-minute expose video on Disney’s discrimination practices against whites, where a vice president at the company who thought he was on a date from an online dating app was really being interviewed by one of O’Keefe’s undercover reporters. We knew Disney was engaging in anti-white racism and evil practices, but hearing it straight from one of their high-level employees brings a new gravitas to how important it is to fight the Devil Mouse in every sense.   

The interview confirmed several things we already knew. One, when Disney casts their roles for television shows, they explicitly order that white males not be considered—in the name of diversity. Two, there are diversity, equity, and inclusion officers at Disney who oversee this across the company. Three, white males are passed over for promotion, and the racism even extends to a point where a part-black man who doesn’t look dark-skinned enough didn’t get a promotion because he didn’t have the look they wanted. Four, executives are paid bonuses for hiring and retaining black people.  

It’s insane to think that a company the size of Disney could openly engage in discrimination like this. It’s illegal in practice, yet they’ve gotten away with it for at least several years. One only has to look at the casting decisions for “The Little Mermaid,” “Captain America,” The Marvels, and Star Wars series to see how obvious what they’re doing is.  

Moreover, Disney already has a very public lawsuit with Gina Carano over wrongful termination due to her political beliefs. She’s been alleging discrimination by the company that falls in line with this expose—showing that people are treated differently based on their identity.

The vice president interviewed immediately deleted his social media accounts once O’Keefe’s video was made public, showing that internally at Disney, they fear telling the truth about their discriminatory hiring practices against whites. This D.E.I. corporate racism exists in more than just this entertainment company, however. It’s systemic, as it was uncovered to be occurring within IBM earlier this year.  

Corporations have been taken over by woke acolytes who don’t seem to have the shareholders’ financial interests in mind. Discrimination lawsuits can sink a company, and Disney, with this evidence, is now exposed to a class-action lawsuit that could hurt them more than any of their box office flops over the last couple of years. They’re already in a position where their film and television are losing money, and if this information gets widely known, Disney could be in a world of hurt.   

As of this writing, Disney’s stock price did not seem to take a hit from O’Keefe’s revelations. Perhaps investors are already aware of this, or perhaps word hasn’t spread enough to see how far this anti-white agenda goes up the totem pole at Disney.

O’Keefe promises to be dropping a second part to the Disney expose soon, and we will see how much more damning evidence he’s accumulated against one of the worst evil corporations in America.

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